7th February 2018

Spiritual Hypocrisy

Word From The Father

If the life you live in your closet differs from what other people see you live in the open, they give you name. I Am God; I know the secret of all men. If you’re able to live the same life you live in your closet in the open, then you’re a winner. But there is another problem! How many of you can live the same life both physically and spiritually? This is a question you should ask yourself. Until your physical and spiritual lives are very close, that is the only way you can boast of coming to Me. I Am the Almighty God. All powers in Heaven and Earth are Mine.

How can your spiritual and physical life be very close? Unless you’re more spiritual than physical like My Son Jesus, and you cannot be moving around people because they will think you’re mad. This is the level I expect all My servants to attain. No matter how holy you are, if you keep moving around people, you’ll become like them. In addition to this, Satan will set trap for you everywhere. This was the major reason why My servants in the time of old were always indoors. They wouldn't go out anyhow unless they had a message to deliver.

If you see yourself spiritually, in your dreams, living a negative life you wouldn’t live physically, you must know an evil spirit is attached to your Spirit. This means you’re doing something physically which you shouldn’t do. You may not be committing physically the same sin you found yourself committing spiritually, but something is wrong with your Spirit. If you keep associating with dirty people, you’ll dirty your garment. This was why I destroyed the neighbouring nations around the Israelites and put them in isolation, so the nations around them wouldn’t corrupt them. However, if you see yourself living a positive life spiritually, and the life you live physically is nowhere near it, you must put more effort to get to that level. My Spirit in you is telling you where you’re meant to be. No one is holy like Me. But you must put more effort.

My Emphasis

O Lord, how can we please You? Give us the grace to walk with You and be blameless! A man who is very late for an important journey doesn’t know if somebody is speaking to him or not. Why? Because his Spirit, soul and body are focus on that journey! Physically, he is not there yet, but everything about him is in his destination. Jesus said in the Book of Matthew 6:21 that, "A man’s heart is where his treasure is." Originally, the Father didn’t want us to focus on Heaven because the way we’re created, absolutely nothing would make us hang on this Earth. When sin came into the world, everything changed. The Father is now chastising us front, right and centre so we wouldn’t hang on this Earth.

When Jesus gathered His Disciples together that faithful evening and released a bombshell of his betrayal, all hell broke loose. None of them would ever imagine they could betray their Master. Each and everyone started judging himself. Could it be me; could it be me! This was the question they asked themselves. All their weaknesses started coming forth. There was panic everywhere. None of them wanted to betray their Good Master. In fact, far be it from them. But what was written must come to fulfilment. Our wholehearted prayer should be: “Father, whenever You decree a disaster to happen, I will not be the instrument to be used.” Judas had a good heart, but the greed in him was a tool for the devil to use so that the hidden glory in our Lord Jesus could be revealed. Both darkness and light are from Jehovah God Almighty. But He expects us to dwell in the light all the time. Whenever there is a need to use the dark side of a man, He Himself knows what to do about it. May we continually thirst for the water of peace that leads to eternal life in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father to have mercy on me.
2) I will diligently examine myself to know what I still lack.
3) I will ask for the help of Holy Spirit to lead me in my daily walk so I could walk blamelessly before the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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