7th April 2018

I Hate Family Planning

Word From The Father

I created the Earth because of human beings, not because of animals. Every other creature living on this Earth is here because of you. I did everything for you because I value you. If I don’t value and love you, I wouldn’t have created the Earth in the first place. You cannot choose who will be your parents, I determined that long before you were born. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil, I hate wickedness.

What many of you are passing through today was the result of the harm you inflicted upon yourself in your previous life. The Earth is like a recycling centre where I recycle all of you. If you live, you will die; when you die, you’ll come back again. If somebody gave birth to you, you must give birth to somebody. I also predestined how many children you will have. If I assigned five children for you, and you say two is enough, no problem. But don’t block your womb. Leave it as I created it! If you block it, you cause confusion for your children you’ve already given birth to. They can remain childless. If you block your womb and you die, you will remain barren in your next life.

If a woman is barren because of the harm she inflicted upon herself in her previous life, no doctor on Earth can find solution to it because it’s spiritual. If she visits her doctor, they will tell her that her womb is in good condition to conceive. But why she cannot conceive, they don’t know. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. No one destroys My handwork and go free. You will enjoy the sorrow you inflicted upon yourself. If you know two is enough for you, pray to Me and I will transfer your remaining unborn children to your children when they grow up. But don’t block your womb.

If a woman has destroyed all the children I assigned for her and she later realised her mistake and gave her life to My Son, if she’s close to you, I will take one out of your unborn children and give it to her. This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t block your womb. If you block your womb, if a powerful child is among your unborn children, he or she could prevent other children passing through your linage, and I will transfer them to another family entirely. I Am the Almighty God. If I don’t reveal, none of you will know. The Earth is Mine and I do it as I like. All of you should have My fear and follow My Law.

My Emphasis

A woman woke up one day and saw that her system is changed. She went to her doctor and was told she’s pregnant. They could tell her how old the unborn child is, but they couldn’t tell her what hour, minute, or second the baby entered. Doctors could only tell you the sex of the baby in your womb, but could never tell you the kind of Spirit that’s in that baby. Only the Almighty Father determines that.

I have listened to many servants of God preached on family planning. They don’t know what they’re preaching. The house of God is not meant for such nonsense! Any servant of God who teaches against the command of the Father has himself to blame. As a woman, as somebody’s wife, if you don’t want to be pregnant, there should be an agreement between you and your husband and both of you will know how to plan it without you inflicting any harm upon yourself. You’re not fertile for a whole month and you know it. God has given us enough knowledge how to go about such thing. The days you know you’re fertile, abstain from your husband. However, no matter how much you abstain, if there is still a hero of the Father among your unborn children, that child will come.

I am appealing to all women to be very careful how they go about this thing. Your single decision could cause generational destruction. Be very careful! God gives and provides. If He gives you ten, He’ll provide what you need to care for the ten. As children of God, we should desist from following the pattern of this world. We belong to the Father and we must follow all His rules and regulations, so that we and our generation can live in peace. If you know you’ve done anything to yourself, so that you cannot get pregnant, go and remove it straight away while you’re still alive. If you die, it becomes a spiritual problem.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father to forgive me if I fail in this area.
2) I will honour the Word of the Father in my body.
3) I will have the fear of the Father in every area of my life, so I wouldn’t be a tool of destruction for my generation.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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