6th November 2018

The Senses Of Evil

Word From The Father

As I created the spiritual, so also, I created the physical. As human being, if your physical organs aren’t complete, you’re called a disabled. If your five senses are complete, you’re called a human being, a complete being. Spirit beings have advantage over human beings because of who they are. There are some things Spirit beings cannot do, they need physical beings to carry out their assignment. If there’s no human being they can use, many things will be difficult for them to do. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of good and evil. Nobody understands My way, but I know how I programmed everything.

There are many reasons I destroyed many nations in the time of old. If the few who’re willing to do My will are surrounded by evil ones, they cannot do My will. If they don’t do My will, they cannot please Me. This is why it’s very important to surround yourself with godly people, those who have My fear.

If you pick your phone, you can call anybody in the whole Earth, yet, you’re not seeing each other. Those who engage in evil have contact points they use in connecting to their victims. Touch, speech and hearing, food, sight, sex, all these are the main contact points they use.

If you touch any object, your finger print will remain on it and if an investigation is carried out to know those who touched the object, yours will be among them. If anyone who carries evil touches you, there’s a virtue he takes away from you. If you contact somebody either through telephone or physically, both of you can easily connects to each other’s Spirit. I Am the Almighty God, and nobody can see Me, yet, you can hear Me speak. The word each one of you speak is a spirit that can connect to someone’s Spirit either good or bad.

Food or gift is another one they use. If somebody gives you a gift, an evil gift, he’ll take a virtue away from you. A woman can cook and add poison to it without adding anything physically. All she needs doing is to cook the food with her heart which connects to her Spirit. Once this is done, anyone who ears such food will be poisoned spiritually. Not every food kills a man, you can die alive. You can be alive and are dead, like a living corpse. What goes into the mouth of a man matters a lot. Eye contact matters a lot. Satan is beautifying women to capture men. As you look into their eyes, they capture your heart and you don’t know what you’re doing anymore. After they’ve achieved their aim, your eyes will clear. Many of these women don’t know they possess such power. They are victims of evil because somebody sold their soul to it.

The top of these contact points is sex. When Satan spoke to Eve in the Garden, if he didn’t touch the most sensitive part of her life, evil wouldn’t have gained access to her body. Many of you today have fallen into the pit of destruction and coming out becomes very difficult. Your life, your glory is tied to this one act and if you lay with the wrong person, you automatically sell your glory to him or her. The person that showed all of you such route knew what he did. He knew that’s the easiest way to destroy human being. For any man or woman to come to Heaven, once you have such spirit in you, your journey becomes difficult. Any act you do with all your entire being – Spirit, soul, and body, you cannot come out of it until you die because the spirit will become part of you. You must understand that I put the Spirit of sex inside everybody and once you open the door unlawfully, you automatically corrupt that Spirit. Can this Spirit leave you? This Spirit is part of your life and can never leave you unless you’re ready to die. The only thing you can do after you gave your life to My Son is to continually appease this Spirit. Anything that will aggravate him or her, flee away from it. I Am the Almighty God and nothing I can speak to you than holiness.

My Emphasis

The nation of Israel didn’t know what the Father did for them. They lacked the Spirit of the Father. When the Father told them not to associate with the neighbouring nations, they didn’t understand. Some of their children used to sneak out to associate with the children of their neighbours. They said in their heart, “Why did the Father say we shouldn’t associate with them, but these people are good people.” They didn’t know the Father was dealing with Spirits, not flesh.

If the Father asks us not to do certain thing physically, this is to help us in maintaining our holiness, so that the evil ones will not have power over us. When Paul Apostle was warned by the same Person he was working for not to go to Jerusalem, he had adamant mind to go. When he went there, what happened to him changed the course of his ministry until he died. Evil is evil and there’s nothing you can use to substitute it.

The church today is full of many agents of Lucifer. These are men and women whose soul is tied and bent to do evil. They’re Christians, yet, there’s a limit. They do preach the Bible, but there’s a limit. They don’t go deeper into the Word of holiness because this will affect their soul. Because these people are more than those who’re truly serving the Father, the Father seizes to act, so that His name will not be spoken evil of.

There are many people in the church today, Satan has employed them just to give gifts. As they’re giving, he’s rewarding them. And as they’re giving to you, they’re also taking something from you spiritually. He’s telling them that God loves a cheerful giver. A cheerful giver indeed! Pastors will eat amiss, church members will eat amiss, they all become a dog that can’t carry bone anymore because they’re spiritually weak. Any evil gift you receive weakens your Spirit.

Beloved, the Word of the Father is always like an old-woman’s tale. If you take it as a mere word, Satan will take advantage of you, and you’ll be lost in the world. To walk this path, you need wisdom, wisdom to deal with everyone around you, and this isn’t worldly wisdom, but godly wisdom. If you fail to apply this wisdom, you’ll join the group of Christians who’re saying, “God is not a wicked God”. You’ll end up losing your position in the Father. I pray for you this day that Jesus Christ will guide and guard your Spirit and life from falling into the traps of the enemies in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness if I’ve taken His Word for granted in any area.
2) I will flee from every manner of sin and every carrier of evil.
3) I will watch my ways carefully and apply the Word of the Father in every area of my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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