6th May 2018

I Am All Sufficient

Word From The Father

What is that thing you’re looking for that I can’t provide? If I’m not up to the task, I wouldn’t have given birth to you and sent you to this Earth to fulfil My purpose. I Am more than who and what you think I Am. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am All Sufficient Father.

All of you are running a rat race. When you’re supposed to focus your attention on Me, you neglect Me and go on your own way. I Am looking at you. When serpent bites you, you’ll cry ‘Father’, and I’ll say ‘son, daughter, what can I do for you’. If you’re playing game with Me, do you know how to play more than Me? If both of Us enter the dancing floor, can you dance more than Me? You have only one form, but I have billions of forms. Who is greater between you and I? Can’t you see all of you are foolish and stupid? You always run ahead of yourself.

If I say you should wait here and I’m coming to pick you because We’re going on a journey, you will not wait. You’ll listen to the advice of losers and follow after their way. But their way is the way of death, yet, you’ll follow them. Do you think I cannot provide your needs? Do you think I cannot give that thing you’re looking for? Yes, you’re crying, weeping, asking for what you need. But I’m telling you your hands are full, drop everything you’re holding, so you can receive what you’re asking for. But you said no, that I should give it to you. I don’t work like that! Drop what’s in your hand and you’ll see if I won’t prove Myself in your life.

If I don’t love you, I will always give you whatever you want because I don’t care about you. But if I care about you, I will weigh every situation that surrounds you before I release My blessing upon you. If I release My blessing upon you, I know nothing will swallow it. But everything in your hands will swallow the blessing I want to give to you. But you’re crying ‘Father, Father, Father’. What will Father do? Is the Father you’re calling a foolish Father who cannot stand by His Word? I Am not a foolish Father, I Am a Holy Father.

Many of you, your tongue alone is an obstacle to your blessing. You have no limit whenever you’re speaking. When they say the wall has ears, it’s true. Does the wall truly have ears? No, the demons that listen to your word and go ahead of you and spoil your plans are living inside you. But you love them, they control your life. When I said you should release them and let them go, you said no. What then do you want Me to do? Will I change because of you? Never! I Am God. I Am the Owner of your life and everything around you. If you like, do My will, and if you like, don’t do My will. It’s your choice.

My Emphasis

Heaven and Earth will pass away, but the promise of God for us remains forever. Will the Father deny His promise? Will He deny His inheritance? He will surely fulfil whatever He has promised.

Many of us wants to measure the promise of God on a physical scale. You’re only wasting your time. The Word of the Father and His promises are spiritually designed and not for the feeble, but for the wise. Earthly wisdom leads to destruction and death, but heavenly wisdom, eternal wisdom is indestructible because it’s hidden in the Father Himself. If you want to take it, you must bend to the rules and regulations of the Father. You must be very close to the Father to get it.

This planet is very big, yet, there are many planets working just to keep this one alive. If billions of stars and planets were created just because of one, who do you think the Creator is? He is All Sufficient! Nothing is hard for Him to do. However, if He knows what you’re asking for will destroy you, He’ll not give it to you. If you love your child, will you give him what will kill him? The Father is a Father like us, but we can’t see Him.

My conclusion today is this: Live in the Father, eat in the Father, dwell on His Word alone and forget about everything around you. Sooner or later, you’ll see His glory in your life. Peace be upon your soul. Amen, and Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will wait patiently upon the Father because I know He’s All Sufficient.
2) I will appreciate Him for what He’s done and bend low to see what He’ll do.
3) I will drop everything I’m holding in my hands, so I could receive what the Father wants to give to Me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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