6th March 2018

No Shedding Of Blood

Word From The Father

When I created the Earth, I placed Spirits in the key places to see to the affairs of this Earth. The Angels that watch over the pillars are powerful and holy. Why do I send down rain to the ground every time? I don’t send rain only to water your crops. I send rain to feed the Spirits that live on the ground. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator.

The Spirits are meant to drink water. This is why I always send down rain. They have one abomination, which is blood. They don’t drink blood! When I gave Ordinance to appease the demons that are troubling all of you, this wouldn’t affect them. But the innocent blood, the blood of My children you’re shedding every day is abomination to the ground. When Cain killed his brother Abel, why did the ground reject him? Because blood is abomination to it! If a man lives and die in a ripe old age, he’ll not shed his blood. The ground will receive his body.

All of you don’t know the harm you do to yourselves every day as you shed innocent blood. You’re polluting the ground and the Spirits that live there. This is why they’re angry. All the calamities that are befalling all of you are because of that. I know what I created and the other side of it is a disaster. All of you must learn how to reverence My Law, so that the Earth can give you peace.

Of what purpose is the shedding of blood? Blood is for cleansing, remission of your sin. I have shed the blood of My own Son. Why are you still shedding another blood? But you’re crying everyday there is no peace. Where will the peace come from when you’re committing abomination upon abomination every day? Whatever each and every one of you knows how to do, continue with it and I will reward you.

My Emphasis

No one knows the mystery of this Earth except whom the Father chooses to reveal it to. You can only know what He revealed to you and whatever the Almighty God doesn’t give, no one can have it. The Spirit of human being is very powerful; this is why it’s an abomination of highest order for the blood of innocent soul to enter the ground. The same Father who gave Ordinance in the time of old that they should kill whoever commit sin also gave them very strict Ordinance what they should do with his body after death. We only know what goes on in the physical, but the spiritual is very deep.

A man wanted to build his house and he sacrificed a goat. To whom did he sacrifice the goat? To the spirit that lives on the land. Will he sacrifice a goat after he finished building the house? No! What happens to the spirit he has given a goat to eat? The spirit himself will not take a goat anymore but will feed on those living in the house. This is why you see that some people die mysterious death when living in a particular house.

For Christ’s sake, there is no need for blood anymore because the blood of Jesus Christ was more than able to deliver the whole Earth from sin from generations to generations. Amen.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness if my generation have shed innocent blood.
2) I will appreciate the Father for the precious blood of His Son.
3) I will flee from any one that sheds blood no matter how close he or she may be to me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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