6th January 2018

Receive The Prize

Word From The Father

The woman who suffered and endured many hardships to care for her three children because she couldn’t do what her friends were doing to survive simply because she has found My Son has received her reward already on this Earth. She paid the price so that her children wouldn’t have the kind of experience she had in life. Her children also followed the way of holiness. She taught them to flee from sin so that suffering and hardship wouldn’t knock on their door. She taught them to live their lives in My fear. As she received her reward on this Earth, what about My Kingdom? When her days was over, she came home to Me to rest. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Man like you. I created you out of My body. I Am a talkative. This is why I speak in a language all of you can understand. If I don’t speak, you wouldn’t hear. If you don’t hear, you wouldn’t know your right from your wrong. If you know your right from your wrong, you will know how to avoid the traps of the enemy. If you avoid the traps of the enemy and they couldn’t hold you captive in any area, then you’re a winner.

Paying every price for the sake of Heaven is a risk worth taking. Nothing on this Earth you can compare to Heaven. The most beautiful place on this Earth is nowhere near the lowest place in Heaven. I created them both. A life that has My fear forsake all things just to please Me. If you please Me, then you please yourself. If you displease Me, then you displease yourself. Am I the one to come to Heaven? Heaven is My abode and I invite you to come and live with Me. But for you to live with Me, you must pay the price here on Earth. Once you’ve paid the price, you’ll be rewarded. How many of you are ready? Even those among you who claim they’re serving Me fall away when little affliction knocked their door. I know every heart and I test every heart. On a field, many athletes compete for a race, but only those who finished the race could receive a medal. My medal is unlike earthly medal. Mine is eternal. Therefore, pay the price of holiness and receive the prize of glory.

My Emphasis

Glory to Him who loves and chastises us. Many started the race, paid heavy price, but couldn’t finish to receive the prize because the enemy defeated them. If a man started with holiness in the morning, if he then became worldly at noon or evening, the grace is no more there for him when the night falls. When the night falls, he would go to sleep and wake up at the other side. His afternoon or evening has spoilt his morning. He would get the prize of eternal damnation because the measure of holiness in him is not up to scale. It’s a shame! Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said in Matthew 24:12-13 that, "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.” It’s not how far, it’s how well.

The enemy has flooded the world with luxury through which children of God lose focus easily. They want to acquire as much as they could, so their generation wouldn’t suffer again. They forgot that the only tangible thing a father could leave for his children is holiness. If a man teaches his children the way of holiness, after his departure to glory, Heaven will watch over his children and their generation. My prayer for you is that Holy Spirit should open your inner eyes to know where your wrong lies, so you wouldn’t miss your place in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for grace to see beyond this Earth.
2) I will look unto Jesus Christ who died in my stead.
3) I will allow nothing to make me lose focus because I don’t want my Earth to destroy my Heaven.
4) By the end of today, I will judge myself how well my day has been.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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