6th February 2018

The Price Of My Servant

Word From The Father

If I choose you, I will stand by you and no matter what you face, I expect you to stand. I set fire into your heart, so you could have My fear. No matter how much you try, you cannot run away from Me. I know it’s not easy for you. Nobody will understand you and your ways, but I will be with you. You have a lot to endure, even in your household; don’t think all will be well every time because of who and what you stand for. I know how the journey is. Satan will use everything, everybody against you. But don’t be afraid, I Am with you, and I will reward you. I Am your Inheritance and your Provider. I Am the Almighty God.

When I asked Noah to build an ark, it wasn’t easy for him. Satan used members of his household to torment him. He was ridiculed within and without. He couldn’t give up because I set fire into his heart. He waited for rain to come, but nothing happened. At a point when he was tired, I came down and proved Myself. The story is there.

All of you are claiming the blessing of Abraham today. Do you know what he passed through because of Me? Do you know the cups of sorrow Abraham drank every day? Satan was on his toes, so he could fail, but I stood by him. Many things happened to him which none of you could see in any book. Satan caused famine that led him to Egypt. You all know what happened there. The same Satan used Sarah to torment his soul several times. When she made up her mind to marry the King of Egypt and forget about My son Abraham, I destroyed her plan. If not for the grace of My son Abraham, she could have missed My throne.

What about My son Moses the Arthur? His own relatives were all against him because they thought he made himself God over them. They didn’t know how I do My work. I was the One that stood with him until the end. How many should I count for you? If I choose you to work for Me, there is no turning back. No matter what you face, stand firm. You cannot compare your heart with anybody's heart. Carry on! But know it for sure I will crown you in the end.

My Emphasis

A true servant of God, having counted the cost wouldn’t love to follow the Almighty God willingly. But how could a mortal man refuse to follow his Creator? The spiritual side of the journey is more than what any man could bargain for. If you’re truly chosen by the Father, you would ask Him 'Father, why do you hate me so much' because all hell will break loose because of you. But He who is always faithful will stand by His chosen servant till the end.

Every day by day, you cannot predict the angle the enemy would pass through. Jesus Christ was chased around the towns and villages in Israel. He endured and today, we all honour Him. The pains, hardship and sorrow we would face could not be compared to the eternal crown that’s awaiting us. If we hold on till the end, no matter how much the enemies try, we will win in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will hold on to the Father with My two hands.
2) I will ask Jesus to accompany me in the journey because I cannot go alone.
3) I will be in connection with Holy Spirit at all times because by my strength alone, I will fail.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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