6th December 2018

Sickness And Healing

Word From The Father

If you’re sick, you’ll look for appropriate medicine to take, so you can be healed. If you don’t put your faith in that medicine, it will not work for you. If the manufacturer of that medicine didn’t put his faith in it, it will not come out the way he wanted. My question to all of you is this: Somebody manufactured medicine, and another is taking it and it’s working, who is behind everything? I Am the One! Though that person didn’t believe in Me, but he’s doing what I created him to do. He focused his Spirit on that medicine, so it could work for those who will take it. By the end of the day, it works just as he planned. I Am the One, not him. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Healer.

I knew that not all My children will believe in spiritual healing, not all of them will believe in Me, this was why I brought doctors, so that those who don’t believe in spiritual healing could go to them, and they’ll look after them. Before you take the medicine, you’ll read the information leaflet that came with it. You’ll find all the necessary information inside how you should take the medicine. There’s a particular food you shouldn’t eat before or after you take it. If you do, the medicine will not work for you. If you follow everything you read in the leaflet, it will work for you just as the manufacturer predicted. Who is doing it? I Am the One!

To every sickness, there’s a solution. No sickness will come upon you on this Earth that the solution isn’t within your reach. I didn’t create everybody to be a healer, and those I created for this purpose have gone their own way. This is why people die of sickness everywhere. If you’re sick, there’s a plant out there that will heal you. And no matter how powerful that sickness may be, I also created the plant that will heal it. Every set of demons I created have their abomination. There is a set of demons assigned to every sickness. If you take what’s abomination to them, they’ll run away from you. If you commit again whatever sin you committed that made them come to you in the first place, they will come back. This is where Christianity comes in. Before I brought My Son to this Earth, I’ve been healing and delivering My children.

If a pharmacist is committing sin and the patient that will take his medicine is also committing sin, and both of them don’t believe in Me, how will the medicine work? Who is fooling who? They’re both fooling themselves. Doctors and nurses have given themselves to witchcraft, and witchcraft has taken power away from them. If they administer any medicine for their patients, it will not work because the power of witchcraft has taken the power of that medicine away. This is why you see multitude of death everywhere. No matter who you are, no matter the kind of work I created you to do, unless you stop committing sin, your work cannot prosper. And if you want to prosper in your own way, Satan will use you to destroy My children.

If you’re alive, eating and breathing, you will still complain that something is wrong with you. You should visit the hospitals and see those who’re envying you. They wish they have the kind of opportunity you have. Can money buy good health? Money cannot buy good health. Many rich men and women are there lamenting on their hospital bed. Many of them hope they will be healed someday. Unfortunately for them, they died there because they failed to believe in their Father. If you don’t believe in your Father, if you claim your Father doesn’t exist, how do you expect the Person that doesn’t exist to heal you?

If you want to live in good health, if you want to die in ripe old age, remove your hands from sin. Obey My Law and follow My Ordinance. This is the only way the Earth will give you peace. Every day-by-day, Satan is pumping different demons into the air to cause sickness on this Earth. If you visit each hospital, if I open your spiritual eyes, you’ll see demons everywhere. They’re the ones dragging people to the hospitals. Even some doctors have bargained with demons. I see everything.

As for those of you who have given your life to My Son, wash your hands clean from every sin. If you’re sick, check yourself. What have you done? The blood of My Son is more than anything, the blood is more than able to heal you. Therefore, run away from sin and put your faith in Me.

My Emphasis

To every problem, there’s solution. To every illness, there’s medicine for healing. If you’re sick and you fail to find the right medicine to heal you, you can spend years seeking for healing. Until you go to the right doctor who could diagnose your sickness and find the right solution for you, you’ll spend years on that sickness.

The Father created doctors, hospitals for those who don’t believe in Him. Unfortunately, majority of patients in the hospitals are Christians. Demons chained them down on hospital bed. And to compound their misery, Satan hijacked the heart of the leaders of the land to abolish spiritual healing, so they can die prematurely and have their soul in the end. If you believe in your Father, that’s when you can have boldness to call Him for help. Can you ask Somebody you don’t believe in His existence for help? Jesus Christ, out of His love for everybody go around doing good, healing people, hoping that someday, they’ll come to the knowledge of His name. Not everybody has such opportunity.

We live in a world where evil is being promoted every day. Those who live in a remote village live longer than those living in advance world because they’ll not do many things that people who claimed they’re wise do. And if you’re able to live your life based on the Law the Father laid down to guide this Earth, you’ll live in good health and die in a ripe old age. Though Heaven is far from your reach, but you’ll still live your life as a normal human being.

Every day-by-day, doctors and nurses are multiplying in the world. As they’re multiplying, sickness and disease are ravaging the land. Why? Because they’ve all given themselves to Satan. Men may claim they have wisdom, but that wisdom is futile if a lasting solution cannot be found. As long you’re human being on this Earth, there’s no other solution than to obey the Word of the Father. Every human being is indebted to the Law of the Father. If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, that’s a different ball game entirely. But you can live as a normal human being by abiding and following the rules and regulations that guide this Earth. Hence you fail to adhere to this, sickness, disease will never seize in the land.

Those who choose to believe in Jesus Christ have access to undiluted, unblemished blood of the Saviour given as a healing source for all those who believe in Him. Yet, that blood doesn’t work for those who choose the way of wickedness, but only for those who choose the way of the Father, the way of holiness. As a Christian, if you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ and sickness and disease is ravaging your life, check yourself. Vomit whatever you’ve swallowed by confessing your sins. Jesus Christ will accept you and heal you. Not only that, you’ll have assurance that you’ll live with Him in eternity. I pray for you this day that whatever you’re passing through, the Great Physician will come to your aid and settle your case in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for granting me access to the blood of His Son.
2) I will hold on to what I believe and never deviate from it.
3) I will not sell my birthright to demons through sin.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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