6th August 2018

Unfaithful Servant

Word From The Father

A man had two servants but no son. Whenever he wanted to send them a message individually, he would give them instruction to follow, and money for their journey. One would follow his master’s instruction just as he instructed him. If the money he was given for his journey wasn’t enough, he’ll add to it from his savings. Whenever he returned to his master, he would give him feedback how everything went. This went on for several years. The other one would also go on the journey. He would deliver the message in his own favour. He would hide some of the money he should have spent on the journey. Whenever he returned to his master, he would also give him feedback how his journey went. This also went on for several years. However, both of them weren’t aware that their master always received feedback from the people how each of their journey went over the years. When their master was old, he had to handover his property to them. He called them and gave them all the reports he gathered on them for the past thirty-five years they’ve been in his service. They were both shocked what they found. They couldn’t deny each of the report. Then he delivered his judgement by handing over his property to the faithful one. The unfaithful one went away sorrowfully, seeking for another master. I Am the Almighty God. I Am The Great I Am That I Am. My eyes see all the affairs of My children. I Am the Great Judge.

I have many servants, but all of them are foolish. All of them are foolish, because they love their own throat. They’re all working for their belly and forget about Me. The message belongs to Me, the children also belong to Me. What about the servants? They’re Mine too! They screw My children, empty their pocket, and devour them like bread. My children too are foolish. They have no time to read My Word, so they could judge which one of My servants is faithful.

O yes, you’re all working for Me. Are you truly working for Me? Check yourself! Of what good is it to you when you work for Me several years and I cannot reward you? I send all of you like fishermen to the river, to catch fish for Me because I Am hungry, hungry to eat fish. But what are you doing? Are the children yours? I told you My children are lost, go, bring them back to Me. Instead of you to bring them back, you’re teaching them to remain where they are. You’re like Balaam who taught Balak how to seduce My children to destruction because you love the wages of destruction, the wages of death.

All of you gather My children together, teaching them how to be comfortable in sin. Satan has hardened your heart and you cannot discern between righteousness and unrighteousness any longer because you’ve eaten with the devil. Every Word I put in your heart to preach to My children, so they could come out of their bondage, you throw them away. Sometimes on your pulpit, with the microphone in your hand, I’ll enter your heart, drop a Word for you to deliver to My children because their soul is crying to Me, but you’ll refuse to deliver it. O you unfaithful and foolish servant! Won’t I judge you and your children? I will judge you! I will use you as an example of evil among My servants, so that they too could learn from what I’ll do to you.

My Emphasis

Many years ago, I came across a brother who’s now a Pastor of a particular church. As we were talking, he spoke about two friends who’re Pastors. One told his fellow Pastor “remain there, holiness and righteousness, remain there, you cannot move forward”. This is what’s happening in the church today. They forgot completely how the Father dealt with His servants in the time of old. Everybody wants to be a millionaire, a celebrity Pastor.

When Naaman visited Prophet Elijah, after he received his healing, thankfully, he gave the servant of God gifts, but he refused because he knew the rules. The servant of the man of God went ahead and took the gifts, but the illness of Naaman came upon him and his generation. A family visited me few years ago, after prayers, the man dropped £50 into the basket in my house willingly. I needed the money at the time, but I had to dispose it away from my house as quick as possible because of the issue they had. I went out and gave it to a less privileged. Many of you don’t know what it means to be a servant. Until you truly understand what it takes to work and walk with the Father, this is when you’ll take the right route.

Many are building money making ventures, hoping to handover to their children whenever they die. They forgot that all the servants of the Father in the time of old, none of their children took over from their father. As powerful as Moses was, his children weren’t mentioned after his death. Everyone is working and walking in the dark these days. No one knows where he’s going or what’s coming his way. Everybody is in the dark.

When Jonah ran away to Joppa, so he could take a ship to Tarshish, what did the Father do to him? He slept in the fish of belly for three days without food because of his disobedience. But when he repented, the same fish vomited him at the shore of the city he didn’t want to go. How many servants of the Father died on account of the Father because of disobedience? The reason such thing doesn’t happen today is because Hellfire is already opened. The Father now give everybody long rope. “If you turn back in your life time, you’ll enter My rest, and I’ll reward you. But if you don’t turn back, My Word will not return to Me empty, you’re going straight to Hellfire.”

O man and woman of God. Remember the price the Master paid for you and His children. For this price not to be in vain, turn back and repair the lives of the children of the Father. How can you repair their lives? Through the message you preach! The Father has given you just only one message, holiness. Holiness neither shout nor kills. Holiness is what will repair the lives of the children of the Father. And if you do it well, the Father will crown you. I pray that the Spirit of the Father in you will lead you aright in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for forgiveness any area I’ve wronged the Father.
2) I will not allow worldly pleasure to rob me of eternal glory.
3) I will yield to the Word of the Father and teach His children what His heart desires.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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