6th April 2018

Evil Doesn't Shout

Word From The Father

Two men are walking on the street; one is righteous while the other one is evil. How can you tell who is who? Unless I open your spiritual eyes to see, you can never know. But all of you are human beings. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator. Nobody owns secret more than Me. I Am the Owner of every secret. I know and see everything done in the dark. Nothing is hidden in My site because darkness is as light to Me.

I created every Spirits, both good and evil. As human being, I don’t expect any evil spirit to dwell in you. Because of what happened to My children in the Garden, I could only control the situation until the year I set for the Earth runs out. If I set a rule for you to follow, you only break it at the detriment of your own life. When I warned My children in the Wilderness, even the children of My Servant Aaron thought it was a simple thing. When I allowed two of them to die a mysterious death, the rest of them learnt lesson. If I say somebody is evil, no matter how close that person is to you, you must not do any business with him or her. Evil is evil and nothing to substitute it. I created it and I know how they work. All of you don’t know how they work. Even many of those who possess evil spirits don’t know how they work.

If I gave Ordinance in the past that they should kill whoever has the spirit of witchcraft and I stopped the killings because of the death of My Son, why should you do business with that person? Even if she’s your own mother that gave birth to you! I hate witchcraft! I created it, but I didn’t create it to live in the lives of My children. They’re evil! I created them male and female and they produce children. Do no business with whoever has such spirit. They can turn your heart around at any time to achieve their evil purpose. When it happens, you’ll cry to Me and I will not answer because I’ve warned you before. They supposed to die, but I want them to confess and live. Until they confess and pass through deliverance, you should have absolutely nothing to do with them. If somebody is adamant to do evil, if she refuses to confess, why should you have anything to do with that person? If you want to follow Me, you must follow Me with all your heart. All of you don’t know anything. Evil doesn’t cry and shout that I’m evil. Else, their mission would be aborted. All of you should stop taking My Word for granted because if they cut your life off suddenly, there is nothing I can do. You will face judgement.

My Emphasis

Everybody on this Earth is human being. Yes! Who will raise up his hand and say ‘come, I am evil’? Won’t people stone him to death? Everybody knows that evil is the opposite of good. We’re not talking of flesh, we’re talking of spirit. All the judgements the Father carried out on this Earth upon His children were because those who possessed evil spirit were more than those who didn’t. This present generation is polluted to the state of no remedy. This is why the Father wants to do again what He did in the time of old, to wipe off many wicked people from the face of the Earth. Every family of this Earth will feel the impact.

Some years ago, a servant of God from America sent me a message that he wants God to come down as He did in the days of Elijah. As usual, I read the message to my Father and He gave me a message to send to him. The Father said, “If he left his beautiful wife and children at home and went to work, while at work, he has the assurance he’s going home to meet his family; but if he gets home and they’re all dead, won’t he say Father, You’re wicked? Because you don’t know the kind of spirit the woman you call your wife and the children you call your children possess.” This is how it is in every family. This is why the Father said when He comes down, a family of ten will remain two or four because the rest would be dead.

There is so much pollution in the house of God and the state of it is alarming. Different covens of evil everywhere! Even on the pulpit! Evil smells everywhere. Satan is summoning the spirits of the evil ones to fight the few who’re willing to do the will of the Father. And the Father is very angry about it. This is why those of us who have given our lives to Jesus Christ should wash our hands clean and desist from all form of iniquity. Are your hands clean? You have nothing to fear because it is written long time ago that the wicked shall know no peace.

My Task For Today

1) I will calm down and judge myself to know where I stand.
2) I will repent from every ungodliness and turn to the right direction.
3) I will pray earnestly to Holy Spirit to push every carrier of evil far away from me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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