5th September 2018

The Spirit Of Rebellion

Word From The Father

As a manager of a company, if any of your workers doesn’t agree with any of your decisions, he has no right to rebel against you. The best he can do is to offer you an advice. You’re the head and you’re not under obligation to listen to anyone’s advice. But if you’re a wise man, you may reason with him. And if he sees that your way of thinking isn’t in line with his, he’s free to leave. But if he decides to rebel and gather people to himself, he commits atrocity that could hang him. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Father of fathers. I Am the Great Leader. I Am the Head and I can never be tail. Nobody enthroned Me, and nobody will dethrone Me.

When My son Lucifer did what he shouldn’t have done, when he wanted to use what I created to fight Me, what did I do to him? I put him where he belonged! Will he ever come to Me again? Will he ever enter My abode? This was a son I gave birth to, who helped Me in most works I did. What did I do to him? I disowned him! Rebellion is a spirit and it brings curse upon whoever fall into his net. Nobody in Heaven dare goes against My will and go scot free. All of you are privilege to live on Earth. This is why you receive forgiveness upon forgiveness because you’re flesh. In Heaven, there’s nothing like forgiveness because Spirits cannot be forgiven.

As a father in the house, if there’s argument between you and your wife, I expect both of you to iron things out amicably and quickly. But if any of you drag your children to his or her side and your children fail to apply wisdom, if they ignorantly join any of you to fight the other, they’ll incur everlasting curse upon themselves. When both of you saw each other and got married, none of them was there. Why should they become enemy to the other part of their parents? This is what some of you are doing to yourselves. After you’ve used your hands to drag evil upon yourselves and your handwork bounced back on you, you’ll be shedding crocodile tears, disturbing My peace. I Am a Holy Father and I’ll never break My own Law. A wife mustn’t rebel against her own husband because he’s the head. You don’t have two heads in a house. If she doesn’t agree with any of his decision, she should speak to him in love. If he still doesn’t listen, she should call My attention. If she calls My attention and I refuse to answer, that means her hands are not clean. But if she lives her life in My Word and in My fear, even before she opens her mouth, I will answer. In fact, I will answer more than she thinks. If you fight by yourself, your strength is limited, but if I fight for you, nobody can defeat you. As I speak to the woman, so also, I speak to the man. I hate rebellious heart!

Many of you are rebels in your work place. This is not part of Me. The heart of every soul is in My hands and I can do with it whatever My heart desires. If you’re not agree with anything at all where you’re working, call My attention. If I see that the environment is not a place where My child should be, I’ll open another door unto you. But don’t put law into your hands because if you do, you commit sin. I can uproot whoever calls himself or herself your manager in a twinkling of an eye. If he or she is the owner, I can destroy the company because of you. If you please Me, I can go to any length because of you. But all of you are sinners! This is why you always cut short My hands to fight.

In My house, if you rebel against My servant, you have to know what you’ve done to yourself. If you rebel against My servant, you rebel against Me. Rebellion and witchcraft are family. I can destroy you because of it even if you’re right. If any of My servant is going his own way, Am I blind? Can’t I see him? I even see him long before you see him. Is anything hidden in My sight? If you disagree with whatever he’s doing, open your mouth and pray to Me. If your own hands are clean, I will come down and act because of only you. But don’t rebel. If you call Me and I refuse to answer, that means your hands are filthy.

My Emphasis

The Bible says in the Book of I Samuel 15:23a that, “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” Many of you might have done a lot of things ignorantly and you could not trace the root of what came upon you to anything. The spirit of rebellion is very powerful. He places you above whoever is above you. You see yourself better than him. You see him as inferior to you. Whatever he does means nothing to you. This is the spirit of rebellion. When the Father asked Prophet Samuel to deliver his Word to King Saul, he listened and went to war just as the Father had said. But when he got there, he followed his own heart. He followed his own heart because curse was already upon him because the people rejected the Father as their King. As a result of his action, the Father rejected him.

Many people are passing through various afflictions and they couldn’t trace it to anything in their past. In a home where husband and wife are always at loggerheads, anything can happen. If a child loves his mother so much and he sees his father laying hands on her all the time, he may begin to see himself as a rescuer, a saviour to save his mother. But if he dares lay hand on his father, he will live the rest of his life in hardship and poverty because he offended the Almighty. Satan hates what’s good. He hates a peaceful home. Any home where there’s quarrel and argument, he loves it so much. He can use one stone to kill ten birds at a time. If parents know that through their actions the glory of their children would be destroyed, they would have locked themselves up in their bedroom and ironed things out without the knowledge of their children. This is the only wise way. Once Satan sow discord in the heart of children to parents, the end of it is disastrous.

Nowadays where almost all servants of the Father have gone their own way, rebellion has become a common thing like salt in a woman’s soup. A junior pastor would suddenly establish his own church simply because he had some disagreement with his senior pastor. He would drag innocent souls along into his foolishness. Any soul that worship in that church is under curse! The best thing junior pastors or church members can do is to raise their voices together to the Father and see what the Owner of the church will do. Because they’ve all come with different curses from their various homes, including the junior pastors, the spirit of rebellion now took over the entire church and everywhere became chaotic. The most dangerous person to rebel against is a servant of God. It can easily lead to death! If he’s on the right side, all those who rebel against him are in serious trouble. But if he’s wrong, they’re in trouble as well, but he too will receive his own punishment because his action opened door for the spirit of rebellion to act in the house of the Father.

As a Christian who wants to end well, you shouldn’t join the multitude to act because if you do, you may end up losing your own life in the end and if you die in such manner, you know already where you’re going. All your holiness, all your service end in the pit. This is why I pity those who said all manner of nonsense about servants of the Father, not that alone, they even published them for the whole world to see. They’ve chosen where they’re going already.

Those who’re wise will apply wisdom in all things and will uphold the Word of the Father in the Book of Deuteronomy 32:34-35 which says, “Is this not laid up in store with Me, sealed up among My treasures? Vengeance and recompense are Mine. Their foot shall slip in due time; for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things to come hasten upon them.” Therefore, let the Father be the Judge in all things.

My Task For Today

1) I will pray to the Father for mercy if I’ve failed in this area.
2) I will learn to walk in the way of the Father, the way of holiness all the time.
3) I will not take law into my hands by fighting for myself but will allow the Father to fight for me every time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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