5th May 2018

The Path Of The Righteous

Word From The Father

No one is righteous, not even one. I Am a Holy Father and I require holiness from all My children. I know you’re flesh and sin is always there with you because of the way I formed your body. I love those who fear Me and follow My Ordinance. I Am the Almighty God.

There is no remedy for sin unless you pay with your blood. But if you pay with your blood, how can you live again? This was why I sent My Son to die. If you realise your sin as sin and you follow My Law and Ordinance, then you’re counted a righteous man. I don’t judge the way all of you judge because I know what lied behind the sin each one of you committed. If you’re lured to committing sin is different than committing sin willingly because you love it.

Abraham was a sinner when I called him. Even after I called him, he still committed sin. But if I made Covenant with a man, that Covenant carries weight and it’s spiritual. The fact that he obeyed Me and left his family and country, so I could raise a glorious nation out of him made him to be counted a righteous man.

Many of you failed in little things. If you cannot obey Me in little things, how will you obey Me when I set big test before you? When I asked him to kill his son, did he obey? He obeyed and carried out what I asked him to do. None of you know if he even killed his son or not. You only know what’s written in My Word all of you are reading.

All of you mention his name today but don’t know what he passed through. It wasn’t easy. Whoever I choose is in trouble because they will fight him in every area. This is where perseverance and endurance come in. It’s not easy to be counted a righteous man. It’s not a sweet journey at all, but the reward is enormous.

I throw it to you this morning My children to walk in the path of the righteous, so that you too will receive the reward of the righteous. Many of you denied Me in many ways, but I forgave you. I love you and want you to carry on in the journey. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the One who sets record that no man can break. I want to make history again. I did it before and I will do it again and the eyes of all of you will see it.

My Emphasis

The path of the righteous is full of many afflictions each day, but perseverance and endurance will make us conquer. He who looks beyond the physical will always overcome every temptation and affliction.

No one is holy as the Father, yet, anyone who chooses to follow the Father must be ready to obey all His Laws and Ordinances. Whatever He asked you to do, if you embrace it wholeheartedly, He will count you among the righteous.

Whatever the plan of the enemies is, the Father will always spoil it because He loves you and you love Him too. If you love Him, you’ll obey Him and be rest assured that no matter what you pass through, He is right there with you.

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself if I obey the Father in all things.
2) I will diligently walk with the Father and follow His Ordinance, so that I too can be counted among the righteous.
3) I will remove every trace of sin from my way both physically and spiritually.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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