5th March 2018

Covenant Of Blood

Word From The Father

When I decided to give My children the Covenant of blood, it was only meant for this Earth. As evil spread on the face of the Earth, My children couldn’t come to Me anymore. Supposing it’s only the sin that Adam and Eve committed alone, it could have been better. But the sin of My children went on and on until today. I Am the Creator. I do not speak anyhow. When I speak, I mean business.

In the time of old, I gave My children the Covenant of blood to appease the demons that tormented them because of their sin. It’s all about the affairs of this Earth. Demons don’t trouble anybody in Heaven because it’s a holy place. I saw that My children, even My Prophets couldn’t enter Heaven, I kept all of them on this Earth, in the Dark-Planet before I decided on what I would do to them. Many of them were seventy-five percent holy, yet, they couldn’t enter Heaven. The bridge between Heaven and Earth is blood because of sin. This was why I brought My Son. It was after the death of My Son I now took some of My children, including My Prophets who’re holy enough to Heaven.

If you die, My Angels will judge you. The final stage before you enter Heaven is the cleansing. If you’re judged, even if you pass, you still cannot enter Heaven. Until the One who judged you at the gate tells you that now, you’re going to be cleansed, this is the time you’ll know that you’ve finally passed. Once you’re cleansed with the blood, no more delay. You’ll enter Heaven straight and head to whichever City you’re allocated to live. I have set everything as I want it, and My Angels carry out My Ordinance as I ordered Them to do. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

The blood of goat and bull, turtle-dove and pigeon lead no one to Heaven. These animals were only meant to appease the demons that torment human beings on this Earth. These demons live with us here. They don’t live in Heaven. For any man to cross this Earth to Heaven, a higher blood is required. For a charm to work perfectly for a man, he has to sacrifice what he loves most. This was exactly what the Father did. He created the demons that’s troubling us but didn’t create them because of us. Somebody among the children of the Father caused it. For us to gain access to Heaven after the fall of Adam and Eve, this was why the Father sacrificed our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The blood of Jesus Christ is the Bridge between Heaven and Earth. This blood was given to us by the Father, and there is therefore, no other blood necessary either for cleansing or to lead to Heaven. The blood of Jesus Christ solves everything! Hallelujah!

Let us therefore continually run the race of righteousness and eliminate excess luggage which is unprofitable and hindrance to our journey. May He who called us to walk with Him guide and guard us with His infinite power until we get home. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for granting me access to His Kingdom through the precious blood of my Saviour.
2) I will appreciate Jesus Christ who did not withdraw Himself from being slaughtered for my sake.
3) I will strive to live a glorious life before the Father at all cost.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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