5th June 2018

Masturbation - The Couple In A Man

Word From The Father

I don’t speak to everybody, and there is a way I deal with each of My servant. I have not dealt with any man as I dealt with Moses. My Son Jesus Christ is exceptional. That is all. All of you that are reading the Word this My son is sending to you everyday, you should know who’s dealing with Him. I Am the One. I come again as I came through Moses because I want to teach all of you by Myself. As My servant, I will not reveal to you more than the measure of My Spirit in you. Even if I don’t reveal anything to you, you should go into My Word and teach My children that sin is an abomination to Me, so that you will not mislead My children and send them to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. No one knows My Mystery except whoever I choose to reveal Myself to.

If I say fornication or adultery is an abomination to Me, why should you stay alone enjoying yourself and think I will accept it? I Am a Holy Father. I Am not a dirty Father. Sin is an abomination to Me. I said the other side of everything I created is a disaster! If a young girl, a virgin stays in her room enjoying herself by herself, what do you call that? Though she’s a virgin physically, she’s not pure anymore spiritually because she’s been defiled. If you ask her, she will tell you how she sees herself in her dream.

Before a man could go into masturbation, automatically, something is wrong with him spiritually. If the spirit of sexual immorality is not in him, nothing will lead him into masturbation. Fornication, adultery, polygamy, divorce, all these lead to something else. Even if the first three are not in your blood and you pass through the latter, because you were once married, you’re not pure anymore as you were born. Once you separate yourself from your spouse, you call the spirit of sexual immorality to rule your life.

Masturbation is a set of demons, male and female, the spirit of sexual immorality living in their victims. They are husband and wife, and if the demons want to lay together, you automatically feel it in your body. Their effect is stronger than each other in the lives of individual because they too are more powerful than each other. If you have any of the first three in your blood, once you have such feelings, you’ll quickly ease yourself through your spouse. All this started from the Garden and there is nothing any of you can do to avert it. But you can control it through My Word. This was the reason for all the Laws and Ordinances I gave.

As a Christian, all of you should go back to the foundation of holiness. Anyone among you that have the spirit of masturbation is not coming to Me. This is why, if you’re married, you must not divorce. You must keep your marriage until you die. And before you go into marriage, cleanse yourself properly, so you can enjoy your marriage. This is the only way you can have peace.

My Emphasis

Fornication, adultery, and polygamy all lead to divorce. These are different sets of the spirit of sexual immorality. They are demons! Fornication leads to adultery or polygamy. Divorce is a clash of the spirits. Once the spirits have different orientation where they want to lead their victim, they become enemies. Remember that where two elephants fight, the grass will bear the cost.

If there is polygamy in the blood of a man, this will lead him into fornication or adultery. In some cases, the spirits quickly prove themselves. This is why you see siblings sleeping with each other. In a culture where polygamy is a normal thing, ask the children what they’re passing through. Many of you don’t understand what happened to King Solomon. Once a man married more than one woman, his life is finished. It got to a point that whenever he closed his eyes, it was the women he was seeing. They are demons!

Many of you think Christianity is just something shallow. No, it’s deeper than what you think. For one to eliminate all these things, sometimes it takes a life time. This is why you must continually ask for mercy, and continually cleanse yourself. Satan also wants you to remain as you are, so you can miss Heaven. But because you know what the Father requires of you, you will not give in to failure. You will always strive and forge ahead. Even if you fail, you will try again. This is the journey!

Beloved, sin leaves an indelible mark on us and only by the grace of Jesus Christ we can overcome. No matter how hard the journey may be, holiness will ease our path. The only route to peace is holiness. Once sin mingles with the Spirit of a man, holiness becomes what to fight for. This fight must continue until we drop our last breath. May His peace abide with our soul.

My Task For Today

1) I will flee from every appearance of evil.
2) I will remove every evil thought from my heart and fill it with the Word of the Father.
3) I will surrender my Spirit and soul to Holy Spirit because I know through Him my soul will find peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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