5th February 2018

Make No Vow

Word From The Father

What will you give to Me? I Am the Creator of everything. Everything belongs to Me. What do you have that you can give to Me? Whatever you have, I own it, including yourself. Nothing you can give to Me. I Am All-In-All.

Out of My own goodwill, I brought Jacob out of Isaac, and I blessed him. Which blessing would he have acquired? If sin intermingles with the blessing of a man, every ground becomes infertile. Because of his sin, when he ran away from home, with his heart full of fear and pains, on his way to the house of Laban, passing the night at Bethel, he made a vow to Me. If your blessing is not coming forth, know it for sure you’ve sinned. I Am not a wicked Father. The same person who withholds your blessing will also make life hard for you so that you wouldn’t fulfil your vow. This is why you mustn’t make any vow at all! I own all things. Nothing you can give to Me and I desire nothing from you except your heart. If I have your heart, I have you all.

Many of My children in the time of old did many things out of ignorance. A lot of things I revealed to you today, they didn’t know it. If they had known it, they would have known how to channel their feet. I don’t reveal things anyhow. Many of you do make vows, vows you could never fulfil. And if you fail to fulfil your vow, you add more sore to your injury. Therefore, make no vow. Give your heart to Me because that’s all I need.

My Emphasis

The Earth belongs to Jehovah God and everything in it. What could we give to Him than praises and worship from our hearts? The Person who owns the whole Earth, not only the whole Earth, but many more. What could we give to such Person? Vow comes in the aftermath of our sin. Whenever the will of God is not coming forth, we make a vow in haste. Many people in the time of old made such mistake, and Satan made them pay dearly.

When Hannah’s womb was frozen because she married where she shouldn’t have married, (a man with two wives), she had to make a vow to get herself out of trouble. See I Samuel 1and 2. If she had married her own husband, not a husband who had another wife, would God had frozen her womb? Samuel was designed to pass through Hannah’s womb to this Earth, but once polygamy has opened down its mouth, there is nothing the Father could do. The same thing happened to the children of Jacob. The reason why the Father released the child to her was the vow she made. If she had failed to fulfil it, Samuel wouldn’t have become whom the Father wanted him to be.

The Father designed Jephthah to be the head, the ruler out of his father’s children. Did He design him to come out of prostitute? A man who chose to share his seed around has automatically destroyed his children’s blessings. See Judges 11. Jephthah, because of the root of his life, Satan made him made a vow that cost him his only child. When he was going to war, if he had put his total trust in the God Almighty who chose him, Satan wouldn’t have crept into his heart to make a foolish vow. Once evil intermingles with the root of a man, Satan has automatically what he would capitalise upon to destroy him. My conclusion: Everything belongs to the Father; therefore, make no vow because you don’t know what goes on in the realm of the Spirit.

My Task For Today

1) I will bless the Father for this great revelation.
2) I will believe the Father and hold Him by His Word.
3) I will willingly give my heart to Him because that’s all He desires.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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