5th August 2018

Offspring Of Evil

Word From The Father

Whatever Word I spoke in the past will remain forever. I Am God and I honour My Word above My name. Any Law I gave to all of you to follow, no matter how educated you are, you cannot change it. Before your existence, the Earth has been in existence. Whatever Law I gave is to guide all of you, so that the Earth will not vomit you. I created the Earth after My own faithfulness. If I had created it according to your own faithfulness, it would have been destroyed long time ago because all of you are evil. I Am the Almighty God. I Am The Great I Am That I Am. Jehovah is My name. No one knows Me. I hate evil. I hate evil generation. Holiness is My way.

I created a body for My son Adam and put him inside the body I created. Out of him, I brought out Eve. I have programmed their lives how everything would be. But the person who knew My secret went there and deceived them. What did I do to them? Did I spare them because Lucifer deceived them? No, I laid curse on them! They didn’t know what they did until they started facing the consequence. Yes, I created them to be together, husband and wife, to produce children, and there’s a timeframe they would have waited, so that everything would be completed. But what did they do? They ate their food undone! And anyone that follow their footstep will also face the same consequence like them. I may not come down and lay a curse on you as I did to them, but you’ve automatically laid a curse upon yourself. When Satan lured them to have sexual intercourse together, what happened to their children? All of you are foolish! If I could join them together and laid curse on them because they disobeyed Me, how much more you that I didn’t join together. You went ahead and did what you wanted. What do you think I’ll do to you?

If the law of your land permits you to produce children outside marriage, yes, it’s good for you. How do you think the land will be? Cain was the result of the sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden, and you knew what happened to him. Any of you that follow the footstep of Adam and Eve, your own children will follow the footstep of Cain. All of you have no brain to think especially those of you who claim you have My knowledge. You have no brain! The animals I created are better than all of you.

Any land that opens door for My children to live their lives as they want, contrary to My Law, has invited evil to rule their generation. They’ll live to face the consequence because My Word will never return to Me empty. All of you are facing different challenges everyday and none bothers to ask why. Every human being is like a fruit yielding tree. If a tree grows well, it will produce good fruit. But if there is chaos in the root, it will produce bad fruit. All of you are producing bad fruit everywhere, even in My church. Those I joined together, demons want to force themselves to enter the unborn child, how much more those I didn’t join together.

You can choose to live in any land. And if you call yourself My son or daughter and you follow the law of the land, you’ll lost. And if you’re lost, you and your children will live to enjoy whatever you’ve invited into your body. If you love Me and you know you cannot please Me because of the law of the land you live, move away from there! The whole Earth is Mine and I’ll settle you somewhere else. If all of you are wise enough, you should know by now that all the nations that substituted My Law with their own law will surely become history. I Am the Almighty God. I do not change. I do not fail. I remain the same forever. If I could punish My children for what they did, if I could wipe out cities, nations because of My abominations they practised, all of you should take a good look at the land where you live, the abominations that’s there. Then you’ll know the calamity that’s coming to befall all of them. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. Jesus Christ your Saviour is My Son. Nobody will dictate for Me how to run My Kingdom. I only pity all of you. Remove your hands from evil before it’s too late.

My Emphasis

What kind of world are we living? Satan has overtaking the heart and brain of leaders and they cannot think straight any longer. Even spiritual leaders have gone in the way of Balaam. They’ve substituted the anointing upon their lives for worldliness. This is not strange at all! This was why many prophets of the Father died mysteriously in the time of old. If you listen to what the servants of the Father are preaching in every church, you’ll know they’re living in the dark. They don’t know the mind of the Father.

When we’re eating the food we love, we forget the bitter side of it as well. When the bitter side comes to torment us, we’ll then cry to the Father. No one is exempt, including the one that’s writing to you. All have sinned and come short of the glory of the Father. But if we’re to dwell on our sin, no one wants to follow the part of righteousness. If the church truly understands what it means to be holy, I don’t think many people wants to go there. And of a truth, the Father didn’t expect everybody to come to Heaven. But the few who have chosen to go there will wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb.

All of you should be very careful in taking any action that’ll bring children into the world. Every child that passes through you into this world should come through a legitimate route. Any child that comes to this world through illegitimate route is a potential demon. The way you look and understand the things of the Spirit is completely different. I said it before that no matter how advanced the world has become, if a woman lay with more than one man in her life time, she remains a prostitute spiritually until she dies unless Jesus Christ washes her with His blood. Through this you will understand those who populate this Earth everyday, demons.

Water and milk can never produce children! The seed that comes out of a man is like milk and water, yet, it’s life. When this enters the egg of a woman, they both join together to produce a baby. It was programmed long time ago that, when a man and a woman mate together, another life will come out. This is the physical part of it. What comes out of a man and a woman will go back to the ground. This is the body that turns into a corpse whenever we die. The spiritual side of human being is more than the way many of us understand it and it’s very complicated.

A man and a woman can mate together as much as they want, until a Spirit enters inside that unborn baby, that’s what determines if the baby will come to live or not. A doctor could take a seed of a man and plant it into the egg of a woman, if a Spirit refuses to enter, a baby will not be born. I have said it before that every child that’s born into this Earth everyday is a full-grown adult, living somewhere before. And many have come to live on this Earth several times. The sad part of the story is this, if the physical route through which they come into the world is illegitimate, demons will enter inside that unborn baby. This is why the Father laid a curse upon Adam and Eve in the Garden because they opened door for demons to enter their generation.

As the servants of the Father, you must be very careful what you preach. If you cannot uphold the Word of the Father, the Word of holiness, I advise you this day to vacate your pulpit and sit among the congregation, so you can allow somebody else preach holiness to the children of the Father, and through his word, you too can learn and go to Heaven.

As for you Christians, the Law of the Father cannot be substituted for anything. If you’ve made such mistake in the past, this was why Jesus came, to mend your broken life. But if you’ve passed through a rough road and you open your eyes and allow your children to pass through the same rough road because the law of the land permits it, you know how your end will be because all your service to the Father will be in vain. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will hold your heart in His hand and keep you from falling in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy every area I’ve wronged the Father.
2) I will wash my hands clean from all evil.
3) I will follow every path of holiness.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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