5th April 2018

Stand Firm In Faith

Word From Holy Spirit

If you believe in the Father, believe also in the Son, believe in Me too. Three of Us work together. We don’t work separately. My Father is the Creator; He is All-In-All. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer who redeemed your soul from eternal damnation. I Am the Great Connector who connect Them together. I descend and ascend as the need warrants it. I Am Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. In Me there is no lie. I Am a Fire that consumes fire.

Many people woke up early in the morning and said, “Father, I will die for You”. But in the noon, they’re nowhere to be found. They fall away! Some remained steadfast in their faith, but as the evening of their lives approached, they fall out. It is not how far, it’s how well. Only the end will tell who wears the crown of victory.

I know the story of this Earth more than any of you. The Earth existed long ago, but not up to My existence. The children of My Father have endured so much trouble here because of the secret the Father made known to one of His Sons, Lucifer. The Father weeps every day because of all of you, because many of His heroes ended up in a wrong place. The Father fights every day tooth and nail so that you can make it. But unfortunately, many of you always dance to the wrong music, the music of demons.

I have come this morning My dear son, to strengthen you, so you can strengthen your children. They are your children and you must lead them to Us. Be patient with them and love them because We’re the Ones who forgave you all your multitude of sins. Continue to teach them what We’ve taught you even if they stand against you. I know it’s not easy My son, but you will triumph in the end. Stand firm in your faith and encourage those who’re willing to listen to your word to stand firm as well. This Earth will end one day, but all of you will be with Us only if you do Our will.

My Emphasis

O that I have the wings of an eagle, I would have flown away far from this Earth to a place of refuge, a place where there is no trouble and pains. But did I come to this Earth on my own accord? Since I didn’t come to this Earth on my own accord, I cannot also fly away like a bird. Only the Almighty God determines the faith of every man when and where he heads to.

Stand firm, I say stand firm. I am encouraging you and also encourage myself. And if you so wish, you can also encourage me because we’re all in this pilgrimage journey together. I have no physical father to encourage and counsel me like every other man, yet, I am a counsellor to many. Lucifer, my primary adversary is fighting me every day, so I could not feed the children of the Father with the bread of holiness He’s given to me. But the Father is always there to see me through. Whenever I sinned, I received physical punishment, so that my soul would not end up where the Father hates. I would confess my sin and the Father would heal me, then I carry on in the business as usual. Glory to His name!

Beloved of the Most High, I was trained with both good and evil, with many pains in my bones because of you, so that through all my hardship and suffering, the Father will rejoice over you in the end. I don’t know who you are, but the Father knows you more than you know yourself. Come, eat the bread of holiness that leads to eternal life. The Word of the Father is precious food for your soul. Flee from all evil and embrace the Father and His Son with your open arms, so that in the end, you can join the other saints to sing the song of victory.

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for this precious bread He’s provided for me especially in this evil generation.
2) I will wholeheartedly eat it and let it grow with my Spirit.
3) I will also pray as I receive it daily that this bread will never seize coming.
4) I will not be anxious of anything of this Earth, because too much anxiety brings much sorrow.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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