4th September 2018

When Anger Rules

Word From The Father

I Am the Almighty God and as I Am, so you are. Inside Me lives both good and evil but I know how to control everything. If you’re like Me, you’ll also know how to control yours. I, your Father don’t get angry anyhow because if I get angry, a lot of things will destroy. Everything came out of Me and if I get angry anyhow, everything will destroy. You as human being, there is a certain measure of anger in you, but it cannot destroy anything. If somebody stepped on your toes, how would he know if you didn’t angry? Through your anger, he’ll know he stepped on your toe. What then will he do? He’ll apologize to you and it ends there. Did anybody got killed? Did anything spoil? Everything remains normal. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature. Evil is an abomination to Me.

My God is fighting for me; if somebody offends me, my God will deal with that person; nobody offends me and go free. Which your God is fighting for you? Am I a killer? Am I a wicked Father? I Am not a killer. I don’t kill one for another. You know who you are! If somebody offends you and evil befall that person, you have to know you’re a demon. You're a demon! And no matter how much you serve Me, if you fail to renounce that your demon that’s fighting for you, you’re going straight to Hellfire whenever you die because you’re a Christian.

If I could keep quiet and allow a woman to kill all her children with her witchcraft, who then do you think I Am? Whatever you choose to do here, I respect you for it. Though the children you’re killing are Mine. If you kill them, I will send them elsewhere to live. I will send them back to another family on this Earth. I did you good, but your head rejected good. Your head chose evil. What then is My problem? Can anybody harm Me? No one can harm Me. Whatever you choose to do here is your own choice. I will not quarrel with you because of the choice you made. But you’re coming back to Me! That's when I’ll prove Myself to you that I’m the Creator, that I was the One that sent you to the Earth to live. But you went there to destroy My handwork. Therefore, it’s payback time. Here, you can brag of your evil but I’ll keep quiet. I’ll keep quiet because I know that definitely, you’re coming back to Me. And when you come back, you’ll face the music. All the afflictions you’ve inflicted on My children, I’ll pay you back in hundredfold.

Yes, the spirit of anger is inside all of you, but such anger cannot harm anybody. If you’re angry and evil befall somebody, you have to know that a bloodsucking demon lives inside you. Where do you think you’re going when you die? Because such demon lived in your body and you loved it, you’ll face everlasting torment. The same demon that destroyed people through your body will be the one to torment you whenever you die. Do you know more than Me? I Am the Creator. Did I just make public show of My Beloved Son on that cross? No, you’re going to face your own punishment. My Son that died for you face His own punishment in the hands of your forefathers, but it last only a moment. But your own punishment is everlasting. You’re going to where you’ll cry everyday and nobody to console you.

My Emphasis

The spirit of anger is a destroyer. When Moses led the children to the Wilderness, Satan made them do what they wouldn’t have done in their clear conscience. Several times they rebelled against Moses. And whoever rebel against the anointed of the Father rebels against the Father Himself. This was why the Father destroyed many of them in the Wilderness. Whenever they pushed Moses to anger, the Father would act even though Moses shouldn’t have got angry. One thing about the Father is this, if He sends you a message, He’ll use everything to support you, so that the people will not rule over you. But it will get to a point where He’ll say enough is enough. This was the case with Moses.

While they were in the Wilderness, Satan pushed them to rebel against the Law of the Father through which His anger was kindled and He killed many of them. When He saw that Satan lured them to commit more sins, so He could destroy all of them, this was why He changed most of the Law and Ordinance He gave to them. This is the Father. He doesn’t get angry anyhow and if He does, the impact will be there for many generations.

One serious warning I always receive from the Father is “My son, don’t be angry; My son, don’t speak to anybody in anger because if you do, it will happen exactly as you say it.” As a servant of the Father, if I speak to anybody in anger and something happens to that person, is it the Father? No, it’s a demon! The demons are there to act. Because the Father has anointed the tongue that whatever word proceed out of the mouth of His servant shall be established either good or bad. But as a servant of the Father, if bad word proceeds out of your mouth to anybody without serious justification, you will end up paying the penalty in the end. This is why the only word that should proceed out of your mouth as a servant of the Father is word of blessing, word of encouragement, prayers.

If a woman opened her mouth to curse her husband in her anger, what will happen? That word that came out of her mouth could turn her to a premature widow. If somebody tells her that she’s the one that killed her husband, she’ll say no. But truly, she’s the one through the word she spoke in anger. Does anger give birth to something good? Anger gives birth to evil. Anger can uproot a living tree like a storm. Even if her husband doesn’t die, the word she spoke in anger will still work upon him. And if it works upon him, what about her children? This was exactly what happened to the children of Noah after their father laid a curse upon Canaan because Ham, his father saw the nakedness of Noah while he was drunk.

The Bible says in the Book of Ephesians 4:26-27 that, “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.” But I say to you, “Do not be angry at all, because you don’t know who lurks in the corner to seize the opportunity of your anger and use it to destroy you.” When anger rules, every good thing destroys. There are some Christians who get angry easily. If you’re that type of person, work upon yourself. If you fail to destroy that spirit away from you, he may end up destroying you tomorrow. I pray that Jehovah God will eliminate every spirit of destruction from your life and fill you with His Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will get rid of every trace of anger in me..
2) I will learn to turn every unpeaceful atmosphere to be a peaceful one.
3) I will let holiness be my garment all the time.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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