4th October 2018

My Will You Shall Do

Word From The Father

My will you shall do. My Word you shall follow. I will never dance to your music, you must dance to My own music because I gave birth to you. You don’t know more than I do. You know nothing about Me, but I know everything about you. No matter how wise you think you are, your wisdom is foolishness in comparison to Mine. Therefore, you’re the one that will bend yourself to My rules. I Am the Almighty God. The Great Deliverer is My name. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am the Man of War. No one tells Me what to do. I Am the Owner of My Kingdom and I rule as My heart desires.

Father give me job; Father give me money; Father give me husband; Father give me wife; Father give me children; Father give me, Father give me. But the Father is telling you no problem, you need a job, I will give it to you, however, you must first of all cleanse yourself because you’re dirty. You’re stinking! All of you are crying, praying to Me because of what you want, but I Am telling you to cleanse yourself because you’re dirty. I Am your Father, I Am the One that gave birth to you. You’re lost, and I need your Spirit back in Heaven. If it’s about job, it’s a simple thing to Me. But do My will, you don’t want to do it.

You’re seeking for the things of this Earth, but I Am seeking for your soul. If I didn’t give you everything in the first place, I wouldn’t have sent you to this Earth to live. I gave you everything you need to survive as you were coming to this Earth. How come you lost everything? This is the question all of you fail to ask yourselves. I Am a Father, a Good Father indeed. I can never allow you to suffer because you’re My sons and daughters. But if I release it to you again, the same person that took the previous one away from you will also take this one. Therefore, no matter how much you cry and pray, I will not release it unto you until you cleanse yourself because I don’t want you to lose it again, because I want you to enjoy it. But if you’re adamant that I must give it to you, I will give you whatever you want. However, if you die and you don’t meet the percentage I need from you to enter Heaven, you’re going straight to Hellfire.

All of you gather together in My house every time. What do you gather for? You gather because of what you want! You’re crying and shouting, disturbing My throne. But I keep telling you that your hands are filthy, that you should cleanse yourself before I could release anything to you. You said no, that I should do your own will. Are you the one that created Me or I’m the One that created you? If I test some of you by taking away what you loved most, you’ll turn your back on Me completely. But Heaven is only meant for those who will stand for Me no matter any circumstance they find themselves.

Of what purpose is your gathering when I cannot eat with any of you because of your filthiness? You’re dirty within and without, yet, you want Me to bless you. I’ve blessed you already and you should ask yourself question what happened to your blessing. You should go and meet the person that froze your blessing, so he could release it, if you have the power. All of you have turned serving Me to fashion. Who is interested in the kind of clothe you wear? Who is interested in the kind of car you drive? Who is interested in the kind of house you built? I Am the Almighty God, and nothing moves Me. I Am a Holy Father and holiness is all I require of you in every area. The whole universe is Mine and nothing you’ll have that’ll move Me because I own everything you have. Those among you who live to obey My Word should carry on because there’s a reward for everything.

My Emphasis

O Lord my God, who can stand before Your throne? He whose Spirit is pure and holy, whose soul is free from vanity, whose heart is innocent like a child, he alone shall behold Your glory. Alas, your children have forsaken the way of righteousness and followed the deceit of their heart. They swim every day in the ocean of ungodliness. Whoever draws their attention to godliness becomes their enemy. Arise Jehovah God and rescue the soul of Your servant from their mouth.

How long shall we continually gather together in sin and no one bothers to ask question? Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are few, and their soul faces persecution from the multitude whose end will be in the place of darkness. They are discouraged and some are willing to turn back. Arise Jehovah God my Father, rescue the soul of Your chosen ones.

If you look at the church today, everyone is serving the Father because of what they can see. Those who serve the Father because of physical things will get nowhere because Satan will use what they love to pull them away. A true Christian should believe in the Father by faith and through this faith he has the hope of Heaven. Many people in the church are hopeless, this is why they cherish the things of this Earth so much.

If you enter the church and listen to the kind of testimonies of believers, you’ll bury your head in your hands in sorrow. Praise God, I just bought a new car; praise God I got a well-paid job; praise God, I just bought a house; praise God, my business is flourishing; praise God, praise God and praise God. But these are the same children the Father is pulling to Heaven. If anyone give a testimony how God delivered him from a long-time habit, they’ll look at you as a fool. Out of these testimonies, the latter is the only one that moves Heaven.

Whatever life parents choose to live, their children will follow in their footstep. And if care is not taken, Satan will even take them farther than their parents. This is why you hear different kinds of testimonies from people about Christian children. Look at him, his parents are Pastors; look at him, his parents are Elders in the church; look at him, his parents are Christians; look at him, look at him. Because of what parents loved, Satan has taken their children away from their hands. And if Satan succeeded in taking away your children, all your service is in vain. Which Heaven do you think you’re going? The kind of life your children live is part of the judgement you’re going to face.

My dear Friends, Christianity is deeper than what we think it is. If many of us don’t quickly turn back from the way we’re treading, the end will be very bitter. The Word of God is holiness, holiness within and without. The Word of God is pure, pure within and without. Only those who forsake the things of this Earth and embrace the Word of the Father wholeheartedly shall triumph in the end. I pray that the Almighty God will hold your heart in His hands and keep you from falling in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy for imposing my will on the Father.
2) I will desist from foolishness and embrace godly wisdom.
3) I will not take the things of this Earth to heart because I know that those who love the Earth will perish with it.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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