4th November 2018

Respect Each Other

Word From The Father

If somebody drinks the water of this Earth before you, that means that person is older than you because water is the first food that goes into your mouth, even breast milk contains water. And because that person is older than you, you must give him the respect. In Heaven, if you look at ten generations, they all look alike because they’re old, yet, they know who is who. They know each other, and they give each other the respect. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Father, and as I Am, so are all My children.

If you give birth to a child, as that child grows, you must teach him how to speak and respect others. If you fail to do this, he will bring shame to you by the end of the day. As Christians, if you have two children, apart from twins, that means one is older than the other. The junior one must give his senior absolute respect. The fact that somebody is allowed to call his senior by name doesn’t mean he should disrespect him. He must give him the respect of a senior.

If you’re in the military, you’re under obligation to respect your senior. Even if you’re friends, you must respect him, else, you’ll be punished. Heaven is more than the military. I Am the Almighty God and I Am the Owner of everybody. The highest hierarchy is in Heaven. Though everybody looks the same, but you must respect each other. Many of you lack respect. If you can open your mouth and abuse Me your Father, who else will you respect? As you fail to respect Me, so also, you’ll fail to respect those who’re older than you. If you fail to respect those who’re older than you, your juniors will not respect you also. Whatever you sow you shall reap.

Respect is not only for those who’re older than you. You must respect everybody. For example, a father and his son. I know the Spirit I put inside individual. Physically, a father is older than his son, but in most cases, the Spirit in the son may be older than that of the father. Your father today may end up being your son tomorrow because he’ll come back to live on this Earth again through his generation. This is why you must respect everybody.

When Mary visited Elizabeth, what happened to both of them? They both felt the move of the babies in their womb! That wasn’t an ordinary move, one paid homage to the Other. The baby in Elizabeth’s womb bowed down to the baby in Mary’s womb because One is greater than the other. Though both babies are My children in Heaven and My servants on this Earth, but immediately They saw each other, They recognised Themselves. This was why one bowed down to the Other. These are unborn babies how much more those alive physically.

In the church today, many of you lack respect. This is why you’ll see a junior Pastor who will collaborate with church workers to bring the senior Pastor down because his parents failed to teach him how to respect his senior. If there’s any misunderstanding between the senior and the junior, one will leave and starts his own church. All of you are toiling with My work as you like. Even the senior, if he sees that the anointing on the junior one is higher than his, instead of him to help him in growing it, he’ll find a way to kill the anointing. Can you kill the anointing? You cannot, unless that person dips his hand into sin. No matter who you are, no matter any position you find yourself, don’t allow respect to leave you.

My Emphasis

If you look at the world today, human beings from different races and cultures are interwoven together. Until today, many people from some cultures still believe in respect. Here in Western world, a daughter can tell her mother that she’s stupid or foolish, all in the name of joke or being upset. But this is the same generation of people whom the Father used in spreading His Word across the world. This same lack of respect has become an epidemic in the society and nobody is looking to deal with it. If a child fails to respect his patents at home, how will he respect others outside? In the public bus, you’ll see them sitting down while adults are standing. They speak anyhow without limit. And if you look at their background, many of them claim to come from Christian homes. This is why many people are running away to be a teacher in the schools because a pupil in the class can throw paper on his teacher and nothing will happen. They’re breeding lions and tigers everyday and they call them children.

The Bible says in the Book of Exodus 20:12 that, “Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.” This is the fifth Commandment. This particular Commandment goes beyond honouring your father and mother. It covers honour and respect for everybody, even for a little child. The Spirit of the Father is in everybody. Therefore, you must respect everybody because you don’t know the kind of Spirit that lives in that person.

If you’re working in a company and you have a manager who’s far younger than yourself, even as young as your grandson, you’ll still call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’. This is the way of life. Though you’re older than him physically, if you fail to respect him, your days may be numbered in that company. If you respect him, if he doesn’t lack respect from home, he too will give you the respect of parents or grandparents. But because we live in a society where many children grew up without parents, nobody taught them how to respect others. If they’re not taught how to respect others, that means they don’t know the reward in respecting others.

As a godly family, respect begins between husband and wife. The Father made one the head while He made the other his neck. The head cannot move itself around without the help of the neck. Though everything in human body is connected to the head. If the head is off, that is an automatic death. The nervous system has five distinctive senses, namely: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Touch. The head carries four out of these five senses. This is how important the head is. This is why man has many troubles as well. Yet, the importance of this head doesn’t bypass the neck. Whatever passes through the head cannot bypass the neck to enter the inner parts of the body. This is how important the head is. In a home where the head is lacking, disaster can easily strike such home. There are various reasons why the Father hates His children producing children outside marriage and divorce. This leads to many spiritual issues.

If the wife fails to respect her husband as her head, then she doesn’t respect the Father and His Commandments. If she doesn’t respect her husband, how can she teach her children how to respect their father and others? And the husband as well must value the wife that without her, there’s no home. She cannot carry babies in his womb. As important as he is as the head, so also important the wife as his neck. The children come as their blessing. Therefore, if there is love between husband and wife, there will be respect as well. This will also flow to the children too. This is why that song comes in: “Jesus and His family, happy, happy home.” I pray for you this day that Holy Spirit will help you to understand His Word and give you the grace to follow it with your whole heart in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will respect my wife or wife, or my parents and my children.
2) I will teach my children how to respect everybody because this brings long life.
3) I will respect everyone that comes across my way.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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