4th May 2018

Where Is Save

Word From The Father

A woman was passing through hell and ran into the church hoping she would found solution to her problem. Few months later, she incurred more problem than the one she had before. She didn’t know what to do anymore until she found a young man who dropped the true Word she needed into her life, and her situation changed for good. She now said to herself, “I thought I would be better-off if I enter the church, but I didn’t know I could pass through the kind of torment I received right there in the church. Where is save? If my house isn’t save, and the church isn’t save as well, where then is save?” I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Revealer of mysteries.

My house has turned to the den of lion where souls are being devoured. Many of My children incurred more problem than the one they had before joining the church. Some even go ahead committing the sin they didn’t commit before they joined the church. My house isn’t pure anymore as I wanted it. All manner of sins, all manner of atrocities goes on there. High level of evil is right there in My house. Will I spare you when I come? But My judgement will begin from My house.

Young girls who’re just growing up have messed themselves up and their glory is destroyed right there in the church. Even the children of My servants are not pure any longer. Demons have overtaken everywhere in the church. Demons are there singing in the choir all for the sake of ‘nice voice’. I see everything, and I keep quiet. Will I be silent forever?

Because of the money church members gave to the pastor, Satan entered his daughter’s heart to defile herself. How many of you know this? To serve Me is more than just reading the Bible and preaching. To serve Me is spiritual, and if you lack spiritual knowledge, Satan will use you and your household as prey.

It was My Ordinance for My children to come together and present themselves before Me, so that My servant, My Priest could atone demons away from their lives, so they could go ahead and live a peaceful live. Unfortunately, Satan has invaded the church because of the sin of My children. He has even taken away the heart of My servants and exchanged their power with earthly riches. Where is save? Will I keep quiet forever?

My Emphasis

O Lord, the Creator of every soul, may you open our eyes to see exactly where we’ve missed it, so that Lucifer – the adversary will stop playing on our weakness.

If not the grace given to me by the Father, to be able to know His mysteries, many things could have been hidden in my sight. A lot of problem that’s plaguing the church is just what we’ll call minor things. But nothing is minor in spiritual terms. The Father expect us to come close to Him, so that He could constantly reveal the strategies of the enemies to us. Unfortunately, Christians are fighting Christians. There are many wolves among the sheep and it takes eternal wisdom to fish them out. Even if you can fish them out, there is nothing you can do than to hand them over to God and stay away from them with wisdom. They have exchanged the Spirit of the Father in them with powerful demons.

Where is save? Yes, where is save? If somebody is evil in his house, will he turn to a saint when he goes to the church? Evil will forever remain evil! Just as there is a very thin line between darkness and light, so also there is a thin line between holiness and unrighteousness. Every soul that does evil has time to either say yes or no before carrying out any evil action. But the one you give yourself to most will rule over your heart.

Let us continue to preach the Word of the Father undiluted and this alone is the solution for the revival of the church. The more the Message of holiness is preached, I mean Message of holiness from Heaven, the more the evil ones will either surrender or run away. Then the few who have chosen the way of righteousness will serve the Father in peace.

My Task For Today

1) I will surrender my Spirit and soul solely for the use of the Father.
2) I will put my trust in the Father alone because I know woe is he who put his trust in a man.
3) I will live and dwell on the Word of God alone.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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