4th July 2018

Work Before Night Comes

Word From The Father

If a man knows he has a lot of work to complete in his farm, he’ll wake up very early in the morning to get there before sunrise. When he gets there, he’ll waste no time at all because he knows already what he wants to do. He’ll take his hoe and cutlass and started cultivating his land. As the sun begins to set, he’ll round up for the day and head home because he doesn’t want the night to fall while he’s till on the road. I Am the Almighty God. My race is a race of holiness. To Me all men will give account.

Can you do any meaningful work in the dark, where there is no light? Can you put a thread into the eye of a needle in the dark? If you do, you may pierce your hand. For a man to do any meaningful work, he must do it where there’s adequate light. Any work done in the dark is categorised as evil.

I Am the Almighty God. I created light and darkness. I crated day and night. The day is meant for work while the night is meant for rest. When you were born, you depended on somebody to survive. But when you become an adult, your life is in your hands. You take control of how you want to run your life. When you were born, you could neither move how much more work. But when you become an adult, the door is open for you to do any work you want to do. The time will come again, when you can hardly move, your strength will fade away gradually. This means you’ll be going on eternal journey very soon.

Those who love their lives, those who’re wise will not wait until nightfall before they complete their work. When the day is bright, they’ll do all their work. They’ll round up before nightfall, waiting to head home. The Earth is a farm for all of you. It’s a place of work. You can only sow here, but you’ll reap it when you cross to the other side. If you sow a good seed, you’ll reap it. And if you sow a bad seed, you’ll also reap it as well.

If you’re wise, you’ll work very hard and sow a good seed, so that your ban will be plentiful when you get home. What kind of seed should you sow? Those who desire to follow Me must sow a good seed, a seed of holiness. I force nobody to serve Me. I drag nobody to come to Me. If you come to Me willingly, you must be ready to do My will. And if you do My will, you sow everlasting seed that can never die.

My Emphasis

The wise teacher said in the Book of Ecclesiastes 12:1-4 that, “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, “I have no delight in them”; before the sun and the light, the moon and the stars are darkened, and clouds return after the rain; in the day that the watchmen of the house tremble, and mighty men stoop, the grinding ones stand idle because they are few, and those who look through windows grow dim; and the doors on the street are shut as the sound of the grinding mill is low, and one will arise at the sound of the bird, and all the daughters of song will sing softly.”

The work in our farm is much to do. We must complete it before night falls. What kind of work am I talking about? The work upon our soul! We have all sinned and the glory of the Father is covered before us by a thick wall. Christ came and broke the thick wall, so we could see the glory of the Mighty One. This glory cannot be seen with bare eyes, but with spiritual eyes. This glory is also hidden in us, awaiting to be revealed on the day we rise to glory. Christ lived among us as a mere man, but when He rose from the death, the hidden glory in Him was made manifest, so that those who take His likeness can be just like Him.

As children of the Kingdom, we have no other work to do than to look after the life the Father has given us. This life was destroyed in the Garden of Eden but was revived at Calvary where the Saviour bled and died. Those among us who value the Gift of the Father so much will seize the opportunity we have. Not everyone has this kind of opportunity, opportunity of redemption, redemption from sin and death.

Let us work and eliminate every smoke of darkness, every cloud that covers a bright shining star and hinders it from giving its light. Let us eliminate at all cost with perseverance, faith and endurance every trace of sin, so that the hidden glory in us could be revealed on the day we appear at that gate. And instead of Them waiting to question us, They’ll only welcome us with open arms and smiley face because we washed our garment with the blood of the Lamb and refused it to be soiled again by the way of this Earth. Glory Hallelujah! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will work tirelessly upon my soul.
2) I will sow a good seed, a seed of righteousness, not only for me but for my children and their generation.
3) I will tread only the path the Saviour trod, so that as the glory in Him was revealed, mine can be revealed as well through Him.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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