3rd September 2018

The Work Of Sin

Word From Holy Spirit

Any man that gives himself for sin is not wise because sin works in three major ways in a man’s life. If your heart is hardened, no matter what you hear, you cannot take it to heart because it means nothing to you. Sin will first of all harden your heart. Once it succeeded in this, the next step is to blindfold you. Once you’re blindfolded, it will also render your ears dead. If these three are achieved in a man’s life, he becomes a living corpse. If a man is a living corpse, it only takes a while before he’ll be cast into his grave. A wise man hates sin because wisdom will always alert and lead him to the right path of life. I Am the Holy Spirit. I Am the Spirit of Truth. I Am full of light within and without. In Me there is no darkness.

Of what good is it for a man to live in abundance, yet, his soul suffers in the end? A man whose soul cries in the midst of abundance is not fit for living. In fact, he’s better dead than alive. Day after day I keep calling, I keep speaking, I keep shouting, but none hearken to My voice. My voice is crack, and I cannot cry anymore for My children have forsaken Me the Source of their life. They love darkness and hate Me. They’re always very bitter at My rebuke. They cannot stand Me when I speak. But I Am a loving and merciful Father and I cannot keep My mouth short while My children wallow in sin every day.

My children are like dogs who constantly go back to his vomit. Once they renounced sin and turned to Me, but before I turned My back, they’re back to their vomit. Though their soul is crying to Me every day, but I cannot detach their soul from their body because they will not live. This is why I always scream and shout hoping they’ll hear and forsake their way of sin. Some of them, their soul is married with sin already and no one can separate them.

Of what good is a tree without good fruit? I planted My children as trees to bear good fruits for Me to eat. Some of them refused to bear fruit at all while some of them bear fruits that I cannot eat because their fruits are sour. I tried everything for them, so I could eat their fruits, yet, all My effort is wasted. How long shall I continue with them? Seeing, they cannot see, hearing, they cannot hear because their eyes are blind, and their ears are deaf.

Who owns the key of life and death? I Am He who created life and death. He who has life cannot boast of living by himself because the life of every creature is in Me. Those who wants to live a good life will wash their hands clean and run away from sin everyday because sin is unprofitable to the soul of the wise. A man who has worked hard all his life will make sure he has a place to rest his head whenever he retires from his work.

My Emphasis

The Master made us to understand the purpose of the enemy in our lives in the Book of John 10:10 that says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Throughout the same chapter, He made known to us who He is. In the Book of Revelation 3:20, He also declared His visitation to all His children, and He said: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me.”

If a man’s ears are dead, how can he hear when a visitor is knocking on his door? If a man’s heart is hard as a rock, how can he know when somebody is looking for him? If a man is blind, how can he see the action of the one who stands in front of him seeking for his attention? Even though he can speak, he can neither see nor hear what the next person is doing. This is the life of the children of the Father.

Right from the beginning, the Father has been using men and women to proclaim is Word to His children. Because no one can see Him, He constantly entered His children to speak. Because the enemies have held the most important part of the children in their hands, the children couldn’t hear no matter what you do. Instead, they persecuted many and killed some of them. Many Prophets of the Father were killed because of the children.

Will the Father keep quiet forever? Will He not act when the cup of His wrath is full? Did He create the Earth for sin to populate it? The Father is a Holy and Righteous Father, and He created the Earth in holiness. No matter what His children do, in holiness the Earth shall return back to Him. The few who can still hear the Word of the Father will desist from all their evil ways and wash their hands and heart clean from all manner of sin. They will wash their robes in readiness to meet their Master who purchased them with His precious blood. But the children of disobedient will live to lament in Hellfire where the worms are fresh every day.

My Task For Today

1) I will remove every blockage from my ears, so I could hear when the Master calls.
2) I will remove every trace of sin from my hands and wash my rob in readiness for my eternal home.
3) I will pursue righteousness and holiness and please the heart of the Father because this alone will profit my soul in the end.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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