3rd October 2018

Stealing To Serve Me

Word From The Father

There was a manager of a company who was a Christian. He was happily married with children. He had many employees under him and they respected him. He was well respected in the church as well. Whenever the church was in need, he was always there to render his support without anyone having asked him. He was very generous. One faithful day, he never woke up from his bed and he died suddenly. Everybody in the church and in his office was in sorrow. A good and generous man has died. However, nobody knew the cause of his death and what happened to him afterwards. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Seer. I see everything that’s done in the secret. You can deceive men but nobody can deceive Me.

Yes, you’re a Christian, a leader in the church. Everybody may give you the highest respect they could give to any man, but if the work of your hands is filthy, no matter how good and generous you are to the people, you cannot enter My rest. Why should you enter My rest? If I say I don’t like stealing, why should you steal and I’ll condone you? This is the life many of you live.

Some of you have developed the habit of stealing from your office. If you’re the owner of your company, you may decide to spend your money as you like. But if you’re just a manager in somebody’s company, you have no right to take anything because everything that belongs to the company must be accounted for. And before you take anything, you must ask the owner. If the owner agrees, then you’re free. As it applies to a manager, so also to a worker.

As a worker in a company, you have no right to take anything home even as little as a pen. You have no right! Whatever you need, you should be able to afford it through your wages. This is why they’re paying you. If you can be stealing pen from your office, what’s the difference between you and an armed robber? You’re a thief! As a manager, you have no right to give anything to your employee because you’re not the owner of the company. There are many reasons why Heaven rejects all of you.

Some of you will steal money and give to your Pastor. My hungry servant as well will not ask before he takes it. Both you and the Pastor will pay the penalty because he encouraged your stealing habit. When My Son came to this Earth and He was teaching My children many things, they were afraid. They said who then will go to Heaven. It’s your choice! Inasmuch I want you to come to Heaven, I will not allow you to come here with the same spirits I drove away with Lucifer My son. I will reject you! No matter how people love you, no matter how people paint you, no matter how generous you are, I will reject you because you’re a thief.

Let Me tell all of you something. The source of everything you use matters a lot either ordinary item or money. If you steal, it will rub your entire family automatically because they’ll share from whatever you steal. As they share from it, they’ll also share from your sin. This is why generation of evil never ends. I Am the Almighty God and I expect all My servants to teach My children all these, not just crying and praying useless prayers to Me all the time.

My Emphasis

If there is anything the present church lacks, it’s no other thing than sound teaching. If you enrol yourself in the university, you’ll make sure you always attend lectures. If you fail to attend lectures, you’ll get the notes from your course mates. If your absence level is very high, they can rusticate you at any time. The journey of Christianity is more than enrolling in the university just to get a certificate, so you can get a better job. It’s more than that! We’re talking of Heaven here. For you to enter, you must make sure you attend your lectures regularly and sit for your exams. If you fail, you’ll continue to sit for your exams until you make it.

Based on the way the Father has been dealing with me and the route He made me passed through, I’ve seen a lot of Christians stealing from their office. Imagine somebody stealing toilet tissues, this is how bad they were. This weren’t low class people but office staffs working for the government. If the spirit of stealing is in any man, it will always disgrace him wherever he goes.

In the time of old, a farmer could leave some of his produce in a basket beside the road, so that whoever needs it could buy and leave the money in the basket. This was when life was good. Today, if you dare do that, both the produce and the basket will disappear. If Christians are duping themselves in the church, what else do you expect. If I give you some money and I tell you the amount, you don’t need to count it because we’re Christians. But we cannot trust each other to that extent anymore because Satan has taking over everybody’s heart.

There was a lady who was a manager of a cleaning company. Every item in her church like tissues, hand wipes, vacuum cleaners were all supplied by her. She was a deaconess in her church. This same woman was into fraud, paying money into some of her staff’s account and collect it after pay day. She was a leader in the church! Many Christians are like this woman. But all of them forget that the offering, the service, the generosity of a sinner is an abomination to the Father. In a church where all this is not addressed, everybody is worshipping under a closed Heaven.

Beloved, it is a dangerous thing indeed to take the word of holiness for granted because the price to pay afterwards is unbearable. Let us continue to dig into our heart and the Word of the Father to know which area we still lack, so that we can pray to the Father to give us the grace to deal with it in good time. I pray for you this day that the grace of Him who has pulled you out of darkness will keep you going in the journey until the end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself and amend my ways.
2) I will learn to live my life in the fear of the Father.
3) I will hold the Word of holiness with all my heart.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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