3rd May 2018

When The Enemy Plots

Word From The Father

If you’re driving on a motorway, there is no way both of you can cross each other’s path when travelling on opposite direction because of the barrier between both of you. If you’re travelling by air, though the airspace is unmarked, but each pilot knows his own route to his destination. This is physical law. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Planner.

If you human beings could organise yourselves and institute laws and penalise whoever breaks it either with imprisonment or fine, what about spiritual? As My own children, there is an invisible barrier between you and demons, but they always want to cross this barrier. And because you’re flesh, they will always find a way of getting to you.

No matter how holy you are, the spirit of evil lives inside you but you mustn’t put it into action. If you put it into action, then you commit sin. If you don’t put it into action, they’re always angry with you and any opportunity they have to cause you harm, they’ll not hesitate to use it. I Am the Almighty God and not everything I will reveal to all of you. All I want you to do is to follow My Law, so I could fight for you.

They will always plot their evil against you because that’s the work they choose to do, and nothing can stop them. But you who have chosen the way of holiness should always keep your way clean and pure, so I could always spoil and destroy their plots against you. Every little thing you do, they’ll always accuse you, but My grace is more than sufficient for all of you.

I Am the Great Deliverer! If I deliver you, who will enslave you again? No power can withstand My power. I love challenge and I’m up to the task. If your hands are clean, let them go to the depth of darkness and plot anything against you, they’ll always meet Me there because I will neither leave you nor forsake you.

Many of My children don’t allow Me to fight for them because of the lives they choose to live. They always believe they’re right in their own eyes. You are flesh, and I Am a Spirit. Can you compete with Me? I can see you, but you cannot see Me. How can you compete with whom you can’t see? This is what the enemies are using against all of you. But if you have My fear by living according to My Law, I will always conquer for you.

My Emphasis

Help me to train my child is different from help me to kill my child. No parent will call a stranger to kill his child. Though evil may overtake somebody’s heart to act abnormally, but in his right sense, he’ll be remorseful for whatever action he’s taken. No matter how much the Father allows evil to push us closer to Him, He’ll never allow evil to destroy us.

Those who fear the Father are like mountains which root is far deep into the ground. How easy is it to uproot a mountain from its root? As no one can uproot a mountain from its root, so also, no one can uproot us because He who stands with us is greater than every power of evil.

Daniel was afflicted in every area because of the life he chose to live. But did the Father stop his enemies from plotting against him? Not at all! Rather, He allowed them to carry out their plots and double crossed them at the finishing line. That’s who the Father is! He will always permit evil to put their power into action but will not and never permit them to harm us. But the truth of the matter is this: let us wash our hands clean from everything, so that when the enemies come upon us like a flood, the Father in His infinite power will raise a standard against them.

My Task For Today

1) I will not be afraid what the enemies could do to me because greater is He who is in me.
2) I will walk diligently in this path I’m treading.
3) I will be very close to the Father, so that when the enemies come upon me, I’ll have a refuge to run to.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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