3rd March 2018

I Will Heal You

Word From Jesus Christ

No matter what you’re going through, no matter how you think your life is coming to an end, even men might have given up on your case, I Am the One who have the final word. If you believe in Me, if you put your trust in Me that I can solve your problem, I will not fail you. I Am the Great Healer. My blood is a flowing stream.

Many of you are serving Me in ignorance because you don’t know what I can do. I Am the One who came to this Earth to purchase you back to My Father. I didn’t purchase half of your soul, I purchased you all. If I purchased you all, why are you passing through pains every day? Because you fail to put your trust in Me. Until your Spirit and soul believe in Me, this is the only way affliction will flee from you. Why should you suffer when I suffered because of you? Why should you pass through torment when I was tormented because of you? I left My home and came to this Earth just to save you. My Father had good intention for sending Me. I didn’t regret it at all, though it wasn’t easy. And My Father crowned Me.

Wherever you are, whatever situation you may find yourself, just believe and trust in Me. I Am right there beside you. I even healed some of you without your knowledge, but you gave My glory to your doctors. Can your doctors heal? Which power do they have? Can demons respect them? Demons have no respect for no one. They only respect the holiness they see in you. I Am the Healer. I Am the Great Physician. Yes, that is My name. Nobody can do it as I do it. My Father has given all the powers to Me. If you believe in Me, if you put your trust in Me, rise up and leave your present situation. My Word is fire, My Word is life. It burns every spirit that’s against Our will. Look unto Me your Saviour, your Healer, your Great Doctor. At the mention of My name, every demon shall flee.

My Emphasis

There is a stream that flows unceasingly, which source was from the top of a hill. The hill where the Healer was crucified, the hill where the Saviour bled and died. On the hill the work of our salvation was accomplished. On that hill the Father gave glory to Himself through His own Son. Arise, my brother; arise my sister; the Healer is here. Salvation has walked Himself to our door; just rise and embrace Him. Behold the One who gave Himself up for our suffering and pain. Look unto the One who died in our stead. Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Whatever you may be passing through both physically and spiritually, the Healer of healers, the Deliverer of deliverers is here. The Great Physician is here to see to your case. Just put yourself together. Just gather your broken body and soul and draw nearer to Him. He is standing right beside you. Drink from the stream of blood that flows from Calvary. Drink and drink again! The blood never ceases, it never dried up. It’s available in season and out of season. Take your empty cup and fill it with this blood. It is the blood that purifies blood. It’s undiluted blood of our Saviour. Drink and be healed! Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord.

My Task For Today

1) I will drink the invisible blood of my Saviour.
2) I will plead the blood upon me and everything I have because I know the power that’s in this blood.
3) I will look beyond the physical because I know my healing, my deliverance is beyond this Earth.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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