3rd June 2018

Just Lean On Me

Word From Jesus Christ

There is no amount of hardship and pain you may pass through which I’ve not passed through before. No matter what you’re going through, just remember that I, your Saviour, your Redeemer passed through it more than you. Nothing you’re going through which I don’t know about. Just look onto Me. Just lean on Me because I will never disappoint you. I Am the Alpha and Omega. In Me there is no regret.

A life without Me is lifeless. I know everything about human beings and what’s plaguing them. They all have similar problem. But the good news for you is that, I died for you, I shed My blood for you. This is the blood of atonement. Apply it everyday to yourself and your household. My blood is more than soap and water. It cleanses, it washes, it heals, it delivers the afflicted from their oppression.

Why are you discouraged? When I was on this Earth, I had nobody to encourage Me. Everybody was against Me. But your own case is different. If you have nobody to encourage you, you have Me, the Author of Life. You have Me, the Great Deliverer. Though you cannot see Me, I’m seeing you. I know everything about you.

Many of them started the journey and they were swallowed along the way. The Earth swallowed them because they followed their heart. No matter how holy you are, you’re still flesh, and your flesh can fail you any moment. This is why you must always purge your Spirit, which is the Spirit of My Father in you, so that the enemy will not take advantage of you whenever you’re weak.

My Emphasis

If you look around you and there’s nobody to turn to, turn to the Master, turn to the Saviour, He’s always around you, but you don’t see Him. The world is full of evil. Satan is pumping the spirit of discouragement into the air everyday. The good news for you and I is that, we have an Advocate, we have a Redeemer and a Friend who stands in gap for us. Whenever we’re weak, He strengthens the Spirit of the Father in us to carry on the journey.

Jesus Christ is more than just a Friend, in fact, He is a Father who cares about His children. He trod the Earth before us and knows the in and out of it. He was there at her creation and knows what it brings every man who’s willing to do the Father’s will. Our pilgrimage journey involves a lot of perseverance and endurance. Look onto the One who shed His precious blood.

Lean on Him, I say lean on Jesus Christ. When your soul is down, and your Spirit is weak, willing to give up, cry to the Master for help and your soul will be revived. We are not of this world and we cannot run away from it. We must continually live here until the Father calls us home. Each day is not the same and we must accept it as it comes. Christ is the Soul that carries us, and this is our assurance that, no matter what we pass through, He’ll neither let us down nor disappoint us.

My Task For Today

1) I will lean on the Master who shed His blood for me.
2) I will lean on Him and draw strength from Him everyday.
3) I will call upon Him every time, though I cannot see Him, but by faith, I know He’s always around me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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