3rd July 2018

A Race Of Futility

Word From The Father

A man started working at the age of fourteen. He was very committed to his work. He hardly had time for anything else apart from work-work-work. His work took life away from him. He had series of broken marriages because he had no time for other things of life. He acquired as much his heart desired. He worked until he’s seventy, and he died a year later. Woe unto you who come to the Earth and abandon your life. Woe unto you who please your heart and displease your soul. A man who pursues the things of this Earth and abandon his soul in a corner is only running a rat race, a race of futility, a chase after the shadow, a chase after the wind. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Creator of every creature. I create life; I give life; I also take away life. I do as My heart desires. I Am All-In-All.

Many of you are running after the things of this Earth and abandon your life. How can a man abandon his life? You love the things of this Earth and fail to give your heart peace. Why are you chasing after the wind? Why are you chasing after the shadow? You came and met everything. Which one did you create? The houses you built, the wealth you acquired, did you come here with any of them? Will you also go with any of them? Why are you killing your soul for what’ll not profit you?

This is the life My children are living. They’ll wake up very early in the morning, come back late in the evening. If the day is dark when you leave your house and also come back when it’s dark, what time do you have to enjoy life? Wherever you spend most of your waking hours is where your Spirit will be! You cannot deny it. Those who did the same thing, where are they? I created the Earth to give you peace, but all of you fail to give yourself peace.

The time you supposed to spend in My presence, you spend it running around, seeking for the food of this Earth. The food of this Earth leads you nowhere. Many ran this race and hanged on this Earth. They cannot come back to Me. But those among you who still call Me Father, I will not abandon you. I will teach you how to live your life.

My Emphasis

Vanity upon vanity, a chase after the wind, a race of futility, a chase after the shadow. The life of a man is very short. He worked all his life, acquired as much as he desired, but reap sorrow in the end. It’s a useless life, a life of futility.

Nothing a man can give in exchange for his soul. He who pursues one pattern of life and abandon his own soul in a corner will bite his finger in the end. No matter how much he acquires, his soul will suffer in the end when the time comes. Every life a man lives is spiritual. Once he fails to acknowledge his Creator by abiding by His Rules and Commands, his life will end up in a place of darkness.

What benefit is in it when a man scatters his life around? He scatters around the blessings that the Father gave to him. When will he gather them together again? Is it after his death? Though they may come together to bury him, but the legacy of sorrow he’s laid down in their lives can never be forgotten.

O man, wake up! Every man is a father, and he must take after the Father. A father who doesn’t take after his Father is a useless father. This is the life of men. We love the things of this Earth. We spread seed of evil everywhere hoping we’ll find happiness through it. Yet, happiness is far from us because we don’t take after the Father.

The time is coming, and it’s approaching, when each one will stand at that gate and answer just one question: How have you spent the time We gave you? There, tears will flow like a river, for going backward will be too late and there won’t be any chance of going forward. But while the day is still bright, turn back from running the race of futility. Watch your back! A man who travels on a lonely road will always watch his back. Watch your back, I mean watch your back.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask for mercy any area I’ve disappointed the Father.
2) I will not lean on my own understanding but will yield to the lead of Holy Spirit.
3) I will desist from running the race of this Earth because I know it’ll end up in futility.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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