3rd April 2018

Do Not Grumble

Word From The Father

When I brought My children out of Egypt into the Wilderness, they grumbled against Me several times and I punished them for their sins. I made them went without food for three days because I wanted to bring down food for them from My throne. They didn’t know why I did it! Initially, they loved it, but they loathed the food later, and they grumbled. My anger burst against them and I sent serpent to deal with them. I Am the Almighty God. Evil is abomination to Me.

I brought down food from My throne for My children to eat and they loathed it. That means something was wrong! Whenever a man committed sin, the spirit of that sin would keep crying because he doesn’t want to leave. As long as that man keeps committing sin, the spirit is happy because sin is his food. I brought My children food from My throne to destroy all the food of idols they’ve eaten in Egypt. The spirits knew, and they kept fighting them. It was the spirits that made them grumbled against Me several times.

If you come to Me willingly, I have nothing to do with you than to cleanse you. In the process of cleansing, a lot can go wrong. No matter what you face, you must be strong because the spirits of the sins you’ve committed will keep crying and fighting. You own your body, you’re the one that carry them. You’re the one that will feel the pains, not Me. But don’t grumble! This is why it’s not good to commit sin at all. If I decide to cleanse you, whatever I ask you to do, you must do it to make the journey smooth for both of Us.

Sin cries! They want you to remain their captive forever. This is why I shed the blood of My Son for you. It’ll only last awhile until they’ll leave you alone. You must be fervent in prayers! If you refuse to feed them, if you refuse to do their bidding, they will leave you alone. Then you will live in peace.

My Emphasis

If you’ve lived half of your life in sin and later accepted Jesus, if things go on smoothly for you after your acceptance of Jesus, then something is wrong. You didn’t give your life to Jesus genuinely! Spirit and flesh are not the same. If you wholeheartedly give your life to Jesus Christ, everything around you must change. The easiest way to know is through your dreams. Some people said immediately they gave their lives to Jesus, things weren’t working well for them anymore. Things will not work well if you acquired them in a sinful way.

If the hand of sin is in everything you’ve acquired, it may be your job, your vehicle, your house, even your wife and children, the spirit of sin will touch everything. This is why some people could lose their marriage after they gave their lives to Jesus. Some of them could lose their children. Fire could burndown their house or vehicle. But is the Father a wicked Father? Not at all. You must understand that, what made the Father destroyed an entire generation in the Wilderness isn’t a mere thing.

All of you should come and ask my wife and I what we passed through. When the Father was dealing with Abraham, what happened to his slaves and livestock? Many of them perished! But by the end of the day, he laughed at last. We also will laugh if only we could endure the pains and suffering for a while. “Come to Jesus Christ and all shall be well.” This is a mere deceit! If anybody tells you that, know it for sure that person is a deceiver. The good news for you and I is, our hope is beyond this Earth. If you’re willing to fight, then you will win. If you don’t fight, you don’t win. Fight with your tongue. Fight with your heart. Fight with your Spirit. You will surely win. No matter what you face, do not grumble!

My Task For Today

1) I will wait patiently for the Father to accomplish what He’s started in me.
2) I will be fervent in my prayers every day.
3) I will ask Holy Spirit to help me and equip me to face the enemy in battle.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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