31st May 2018


My dear Friend,

We thank the Father for what He has taught us these past thirty days. Before you pray these prayers, I want you to examine yourself once again. If there is any outstanding sin you’ve not confessed, confess it for it is written that whosoever conceal his sin shall not prosper. This is our journey, and we shall be victorious in the end!

Jehovah God Almighty, Jesus Christ my Master and Saviour, Holy Spirit my Advocate and Companion; I thank You for opening my eyes once again to the truth of Your Word. I thank You for the gift of life. I thank You for keeping me and my household save. I thank You for foiling the plans of the enemies and proving Yourself in every area. I thank You for all You have taught me these thirty days through Your son.

My Master and Saviour Jesus Christ, I thank You for Your forgiveness power. I thank You for shedding Your precious blood for me on the cross of Calvary through which You redeemed my soul. I pray that You have mercy upon my soul. Shine Your light upon me and let it consume every darkness of my life.

Jehovah King of Glory, crush down every power that contends with my Spirit to do his will. You are the Rock of my life. Fall upon every power that wants to lead me to the wrong destination.

O Lord my God, destroy every power that wants me to return to my vomit. I have decided to follow You and there’s no turning back.

My Father and my God, melt down every stone in my heart and give me a heart of flesh. Renew my heart, renew my Spirit and soul. Let me be alive in You everyday of my life.

My Lord Jesus, You are the only Example I could follow. Breakdown every barrier that stands between You and I and draw me nearer to Your bosom.

Jehovah my Rock, save me from every trap of the enemies and let them fall into their own trap. If they gather against me, rain down fire and brimstone upon them and destroy their plans over Your inheritance, because I am Your inheritance.

Sovereign Lord, remove every affliction far away from me. Remove every shame and reproach far away from me and my generation. Remove every garment of shame and put on me Your garment of glory.

Jehovah God my Father, You created me for holiness, You created me for righteousness. Quench every hunger to sin against my Spirit and my soul. Let the fire of Your righteousness consume my entire being.

O Lord my God, remove every spirit of self-centredness from me. Remove every pride, every greed, evil appetite and replace all with Your Spirit of hunger for Your truth, the truth of Your Word.

Almighty Father, set my soul on fire. Let it burn and continually burn so that those who see me may know that I am Your true ambassador.

Jehovah God, the seed of holiness You’ve sown in me these thirty days, may it yield many fruits in my life and others. Give me the grace and encouragement to walk with You. Open my eyes so I might see beyond this Earth of sin.

All these I ask You my Father in the name of my Master and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

I call upon the Host of Heaven to stand and fight for you. Every warrior of evil, may the Lord turn their heart against each other for your sake. Any soul that gave his or her soul willingly for Satan to use because of you, let shame and disgrace be their lot. May the rain of righteousness fall upon you. You will not suffer loss. May the Lord remove every evil far away from you and your household. May the Peace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit abide with you now and forever in Jesus name. Amen!

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