31st August 2018


My dear Friend,

Blessed be the name of the Father and His Son for what we were taught these past thirty days. Before you pray these prayers, I want you to examine yourself carefully. If there is still any outstanding sin you’ve not confessed, confess it, and you shall be victorious in Jesus name. Amen! 

Almighty God my Father and my God, Jesus Christ my Saviour and my Redeemer, Holy Spirit my Companion and my Advocate; thank You for opening my eyes to the truth of Your Word. Thank You for the gift of life which You’ve given to me. Thank You for all You have taught me these thirty days through Your son.

Jesus Christ my Saviour, thank You for Your precious blood You shed for me, the blood that washed and cleansed me from all my unrighteousness. I pray once more that You have mercy upon my soul and remove every trace of sin far away from me.

Jehovah God, deliver and save me from every generational affliction in the name of Jesus.

Almighty Father, give me the Spirit of obedience, so I can be faithful to You in all things.

O Lord my God, give me patience to wait upon You, so I won’t run ahead of my glory.

Father, I know that holiness is the key to Heaven. Help me to pursue that which pleases Your heart every day.

Jehovah God, every blessing You’ve given to me, may the enemy never steal it away from me because of my sin.

My Lord Jesus, I have decided to follow You and no turning back. Hold me by Your right hand so I won’t fall away from You. Destroy everything that can take my heart away from You.

Lord Jesus, help me to see beyond the physical, so I could put everything of this Earth behind me.

My Lord Jesus, may my ears never hear vanity. May You be the Controller of all my organs.

O Lord my God, help me to sow a good seed, a seed that will bear good fruits.

Almighty Father, peradventure I’ve sown evil seed ignorantly, kill it I pray and never let it grow to bear any fruit in Jesus name.

O Lord, delete away from my life every spirit I’ve acquired either through my parents or through my own sins.

Jehovah God, help me to judge myself before I’m judged in everything.

O Lord, give me the grace to wait upon You in all things so I won’t make any unprofitable choice of mine.

O Lord, help me to move one leg at a time, so that the enemy will not take advantage of me, less I fall.

My Lord Jesus, I know You’ve overcome. Help me to endure every test that comes my way and help me to overcome every temptation.

Almighty God, I know You’ve numbered my days. Help me to always remember that I’m a stranger on this Earth, so I will not be carried away with whatever I see.

O Lord my God, You are a Consuming Fire. Consume every sin I’ve inherited from my parents with Your fire in Jesus name. Let every ancestral seed in me die in Jesus name!

Jehovah God, the seed of holiness You’ve planted in me these thirty days, may it yield fruits upon fruits in my life and others. Give me the grace and encouragement to preach Your Word to others. Help me to intercede for others, so they can be saved too.

All these I ask You my Father in the name of my Master and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

May the Lord shine His light upon every darkness of your life. May darkness be far away from you and your household. May the power of Holy Spirit quench every evil fire in your life. May the Spirit of holiness incubate you. May your light never grow dim. May the power of the Most High God keep you and your household safe from every harm in Jesus name. Amen!

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