30th May 2018

A Deadly Game

Word From The Father

Woe onto him who knows what’s right and chooses to do the opposite. He’s like a rich man who lived in a mansion, squandered his wealth and ended up in a hut. Everyone pointed finger at him and called him a fool who lived life as if tomorrow would never come. A man whose heart is good isn’t hard to know because everyone will see it in his character. An evil man, no matter how he hides himself, the smell of evil will ooze out of him. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Righteous Father. Holiness is My Garment.

Many of you know what’s right, yet, you choose to do the opposite. Many of you know My Law. In fact, if somebody suddenly wake you up from your sleep, you can recite everything by heart. But the Spirit of My Word is far from you. My Word is a Spirit and those whose Spirit is alive hear it and take it to heart.

How many of you don’t know that My Word says, “You shall not steal”? Yet, you defraud people, you embezzle people’s money, you steal from your office and still call Me your God. How many of you don’t know that My Word says, “You shall not commit adultery”? Yet, you commit fornication and adultery, you have concubines outside, some of you even have children outside your marriage, the evil that goes on in your heart is more than carrying it out physically, but you still call Me Your God. How many of you don’t know that My Word says, “You shall not bear false witness”? Yet, many people are in trouble because of the word of your mouth, you put your mouth in matters that don’t concern you, you send innocent soul to jail, but you still call Me your God. How many of you don’t know that My Word says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven”? Yet, many of you gather wealth as if you’ll never die, you defraud people, you destroy sweet homes because of your greed, you gather wealth and keep it for your unborn generation while the needy die of hunger, but you still call Me your God. How many shall I count?

It is a deadly game for a mortal man I created to take My Word for granted. It’s like a man who signed his death warrant with his own hand. Though many of you are serving Me, but you don’t believe that My Kingdom exists. This is why it’s easier for you to go astray as you like. Grace, O grace is what keep all of you alive. Yet, grace doesn’t take any of you to Heaven. Only those who found My favour shall enter My rest.

My Emphasis

O that the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse my sinful and wretched soul from rottenness, so I could enter the realm of His rest and partake from the meal at His table. O my soul, cry aloud for help, so that the Spirit of the Holy One can save you from eternal damnation. O my Spirit, the Spirit of the Almighty in me, I beg of you, please reject evil, and even if my body desires to bring stain upon you, reject it in your anger.

O that men will realise that grace was given to them through Christ our Lord to amend their ways while the breath of life is still in them. Grace, O grace will end here on Earth. Favour, O favour, may my Spirit and soul found you in the sight of the Almighty for through you alone I can enter His realm of joy.

If the multitude choose to follow one path and you realise they’re treading on a dangerous path, why can’t you turn and follow the living path, though lonely, but the light at the end of it will envelope you to victory. Victory at last, victory at last shall your soul sing, for you wholeheartedly embrace loneliness as your brother and sister, when adversary was your neighbour, hardship was your closest companion, but you persevered and endured the suffering for a while, and a crown of victory shall be placed upon your head when you finally appear before your Creator and your Father. Hallelujah! Amen!  

My Task For Today

1) I will desist from playing a deadly game.
2) I will not stain my Spirit, the Spirit of the Father in me with sin.
3) I will endure whatever comes my way and look onto Him who laid the example for me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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