30th March 2018

Hiding From The Light

Word From Jesus Christ

If a man is sure of himself, no matter what happens, he will take his stand with boldness. But if he has hidden agenda, he’ll be afraid his secret would be exposed. If his secret is exposed, he becomes like a house whose wall is shattered. I Am the Light of Life. Those who love Me love the Light, and those who hate Me run away from the Light because they live and walk in darkness.

I Am the Light of the world. In Me there is no darkness. Those who come to Me, those who desire to walk in My footstep will love My ways, they will love the Light. You cannot dwell in darkness and at the same time dwell in the Light. You must choose one out of the two. If you choose to follow Me, you will do My will willingly. I drag nobody with hook or rope. I give you My invitation and you have the choice either to accept it or decline it. I know what I suffered because of you. Yet, you have the choice to choose. If you choose Me, you choose light and life. I Am not a deceiver. I deceive no one. I speak the truth as it is. When I came to this Earth, I was killed because I testified to the truth. Could I deny My Father because I came to the Earth? When I spoke about My Father, they said I blasphemed. They wanted to stone Me to death. But I escaped their treat.

The children of men have shallow thought. They live and dwell in blindness. They live and dwell in darkness. Darkness is only for a while. Light will endure forever. There is no darkness wherever I Am. If you love darkness, you’re not in Me. Those who choose to live in sin aren’t in Me. My house is full of darkness because of the sin of My children. Whosoever believe in Me doesn’t dwell in darkness any longer. There is no darkness in Heaven. Those who choose to go there will desist from living and walking in darkness. They will choose to follow the Light. Those who love Me and My Father will love the Light, and those who hate Me and My Father will hate light. There is no truth in them because they love darkness.

My Emphasis

The Creator created good and evil. Good for His children, and evil for His own purpose. Light symbolises good or righteousness while darkness symbolises sin or evil. A man whose deeds are evil always run away from the Light. The church today is full of darkness, and this is why it’s like a grave yard.

Jesus Christ came into the world as a lowly Man, yet, powerful. He came as the Light, but men couldn’t recognise Him because of their evil deeds. When He ascended back to Heaven, the eyes of many were opened and they realised they’ve missed the Light. This applies to the whole world today. Many people claim to walk in the Light, yet, lives secretly in darkness. Whatever is hidden in the sight of men is laid bare before the Father and the Saviour.

There are churches everywhere, yet, we make little or no impact to the hungry soul. Why? Because evil cannot deliver evil. Demon cannot cast out demon. When the Light came into the world, His impact was quickly felt, and many flooded to Him because the Father was with Him. Why was the Father with Him? Because He chose the Father’s will above His own will. He chose the position of a servant, but He’s the Only Begotten Son of the Father. Anyone who does the will of the Father willingly will surely not be cast away.

My Task For Today

1) I will continue to dwell in the Light.
2) I will willingly confess my sins because Jesus Christ was humiliated just because of me.
3) I will drop every character, every behaviour that represent darkness in my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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