30th July 2018

Joke Not With Your Dreams

Word From The Father

As human being, any dream you have is about the affairs of this Earth. You can neither dream of Heaven nor Hellfire. For you to find yourself in these two places, you must die. And if They’re to summon your Spirit to Heaven, your level of holiness must be very high. Dream is part of your life. This is the easiest way I communicate with all My children. I Am a Spirit, and for Me to communicate with you, I must pass through your Spirit. A lot of information is programmed into your Spirit. If you stand in front of a mirror, what do you see? You see your image. But can you hold the image you see? You cannot. It’s like a shadow. Can you hold your shadow? You cannot. Both your Spirit and soul live within your body, but you cannot touch any of them. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name.

No matter how you sinned, your Spirit cannot leave you unless you’re dead. This Spirit communicates with your body and soul. I put this Spirit there as a glass, clean and holy. Whatever you do against My will, your Spirit will always tell you where you’re heading. Many of you will see yourself in a way you can never imagine. Your Spirit is telling you who you are. When Joseph had a dream, did it come to pass or not? It came to pass. Whatever I created you to be is programmed into your Spirit. You can only see it through your dream. Most times I don’t reveal it if I know you’re on the right track. And if you’re seeing yourself in a big way and you’re very far from it, be calm. Purge yourself and it’ll surely come to pass.

Dream is like a witchcraft. The difference between both is that dream passes information to you, while witchcraft receives information and work against it. You and somebody can have a conversation in your dream. Whenever you’re awake, if you narrate your dream to that person, he cannot tell you anything both of you discussed in your dream. That’s how dream works. But if you and somebody had a conversation in your dream, and both of you could continue the same conversation in the physical, that’s witchcraft.

Whatever information you receive through your dream, either positive or negative, don’t joke with it. If you find yourself in your dream living a better life than what you live physically in your dream, that tells you your tomorrow will be better. But if you see yourself in your dream doing what you wouldn’t do physically, that means you’re committing a particular sin physically or have committed a particular sin that you failed to confess.

As a Christian, willing to die and go to Heaven, I will only reveal to you every negative thing about your life, so that you can amend your ways while you’re alive. Everything I don’t like in you, I will always tell you through your dream and this depends on your willingness to walk with Me. No dream should be ignored! Sometimes Satan too passes information to you through your dream. If you wholeheartedly gave your life to My Son and have confessed your sins and done everything necessary to be done, whatever dream Satan gives to you shouldn’t scare you. You were once a sinner and he’ll always try you hoping he could win you again.

My Emphasis

Human being is an angel in human flesh. The Father planted this spiritual being in the flesh to reduce the power. We’re mini gods, carbon copy of the Father. The less sin we commit, the more we cleanse ourselves, the more meaningful our dreams will be. Because of sin, Satan confuses us a lot. Sometimes when the Father is passing meaningful information to us through our Spirit, we pay no attention to it because of sin.

Moses was a man who always saw himself as a powerful man in his dreams. But it got to a point where he began to afraid and never believed he could stand to face any challenges. Whoever the Father created you to be, the mark will always be upon you right from your mother’s womb. From there henceforth, Satan will begin working against it. It’s like a little child who always say I’ll be a doctor. Thirty years along the line, he’s nowhere near his dream. Why was he saying he’ll be a doctor? Because it’s programmed into his Spirit. How come he’s not a doctor? Because Satan has led him through another route because of sin.

Whatever the Father programmed into your Spirit, He put a seal on it. If He sees you’re far away from where He wants you to be, He’ll reveal it to you, so you can amend your ways. But Satan can open it once sin is involved. This was what happened to Joseph. Because of the sin of his father Jacob, Satan revealed the dream to him, so he could destroy it. He knew the heart of his brothers towards him, he knew he would tell his dream to his brothers, through which they’ll kill him. But the Father controlled the whole situation by making them to sell him as a slave, far away from them, so they could forget about him. He knew what He would do, but everything would be gone if he’s dead. To keep him alive until the appointed time, he had to go far away from them. This was what kept him alive.

Not every positive dream is positive in the end, and not every negative dream is negative in the end. A man who finds himself having sexual intercourse with women in his dreams is enjoying himself in a land of hardship. Though he’s enjoying himself, but his glory and that of his generation is being replaced with hardship. And if you have a dream that you’re dead, that doesn’t mean you’ll be dead physically. Sometimes the enemies may think they’ve overpower your Spirit. But the Father only allowed it to happen to cajole them because they’re foolish. As long you’re in Christ Jesus, if the enemies shoot you in your dream and you’re dead, you’ll wake up the next morning to praise the Father.

The most important thing the Father expects from us whenever we have any dream, especially the negative ones, is to examine ourselves and cleanse ourselves the more. Spirits deals with spirits. If there’s no negative spirit living in us, nothing will entice the enemies to use our Spirit. As aforementioned, the Father passes information to us through His Spirit in us to make known to us our wrong. All we need to do is to wake up and confess our sins. Sometimes we’ve committed a particular sin twenty years ago and have forgotten. Though we’ve forgotten, but the spirit is still there. The closer to the Father we are, the more we’ll know His mind. And if the Father reveals such dream to us, He expects us to work upon it. I pray that Holy Spirit help and keep you in this journey. May His grace abide with your soul! Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself whenever I have any dream.
2) I will cleanse myself everyday because I know I’m not clean enough.
3) I will watch my ways physically and work upon every dream I have.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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