30th January 2018

When Sin Cries

Word From The Father

When I was dealing with Abraham, My relationship with him was perfect because I set fire into his heart to obey all I taught him. I was happy with him because what he passed through because of Me wasn’t easy. I foresaw his children living as slaves in a foreign land and I told him. When Rebecca lured her son Jacob to sin against his brother Esau and his father Isaac, she didn’t know how far it would go. These two sins led him to the house of Laban where he married two sisters, and another two sisters who were both maids to daughters of Laban. This was how the spirit of sexual immorality entered him. I Am the Almighty God. I Am Omniscient God.

When Isaac married Rebecca; I waited several years to cleanse her womb before I could release My Angels to her. Despite My waiting, Satan was still able to use the spirit of sin in her against her children. The sin that Jacob committed warranted his children to go to slavery. While they were in Egypt, they committed lots of abominable sins against their soul. Many of them were into witchcraft, including Miriam the sister of Moses. This was why I rejected her.

While they were in the Wilderness, as My son Moses was teaching them, they were willing to listen and obey, but the spirit of sin in them wouldn’t let them. This was why they were crying for cucumber and garlic, the food of the Egyptians. Every sin a man committed lives in him and will keep crying for food. As he commits sin, he’s feeding the spirit of sin in him. This is why most of My children cannot come back to me.

My Emphasis

Whatever sin we committed will keep crying in us because they want us to keep feeding them. As we continually commit sin, they’re happy. Sin is their food! We cannot know more than the Person that created us. He owns all things, and we can only know that which He made known to us. If a woman is a gossiper, the spirit of gossip will always cry for gossip. If she refuses to gossip again, that spirit would invite one of her friends they used to gossip together before. She will call her, and she will think Holy Spirit was the One that connected them together. No; Holy Spirit has no hand in gossip!

The highest sin that doesn’t go easily is witchcraft. This is why it’s very hard for such people to make Heaven because the spirit of witchcraft connects to all evil. In Christendom today, everywhere is full of witchcraft. Inside the church are different forums of witchcraft. And anyone that possesses this spirit can never do anything good because it’s evil and that’s how the Father programmed them to work.

Whatever sin we might have committed before will always connect us to the same person who has similar spirit. No matter how much we confessed our sins openly, hence we keep associating ourselves with whoever has similar spirit, we cannot overcome sin and the Father will reject us by the end of the day. This is why people go to Hellfire, and this was why He destroyed the Israelites in the Wilderness. Sin cries! They are living beings as we are and will always cry for their food. They produce children as we do. We all know that sin is opposite of holiness. In a nutshell, run away from sin and whoever carries similar spirit. Pursue holiness at all cost for this will profit your soul in the end.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father to forgive me and cleanse my Spirit and soul with the blood of His Son.
2) I will willingly abstain from sin and run from whoever carries similar spirit.
3) I will pursue holiness all my days and teach others to do the same because I know there is a reward in pleasing the Father.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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