30th August 2018

The Sin Of Parents

Word From The Father

If you keep a male and female pigs in a garden, in one year, everywhere will full up. There’re maximum children a woman can produce in a year. A woman doesn’t have the fertility of a pig. Pigs produce more piglets at once than women and they produce twice a year. If a woman has three babies in a year, which means the man, his wife and his three children are maximum five in one year. If a pig has twenty piglets in a year, which means in a year, your garden will be full of twenty-two pigs. This means the man has twenty-seven living beings in his family just in one year. This family of pigs represents each sin a family commit. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

I only use pigs as an example. The creatures that are involved in each sin all of you commit everyday are more dangerous and more vulnerable than pigs. Though pigs live in your garden, but these creatures live in your body. Imagine a pig living inside your body! This was why I rejected all of you. As they produce every time, they share themselves into every member of your family. If you leave to live elsewhere, they’ll continue to live with you. But if you confess your sins and you fail to do what made them enter you initially, they’ll find their way. This is because you live far away from their family. Now you’re free. Anytime you visit your family, they’ll enter you again and your life will revert back to what it was before.

Though you weren’t the one that brought that spirit of sin into the family, it may even be your grandfather or your great-grandfather. As long you’re part of the family, you’ll share from their demons. If you confess your sins and they leave you, the only way you can keep your cleanness is to stay clear far away from their territory. Anytime you pay your family a visit, you’ll reactivate them in your life automatically through touching each other, eating together, having conversation together. These are not pets, they’re living demons and they feed on your glory.

The sins of parents cannot be washed away from their children unless the children take their stand and live far away from them. Whenever you have conversation through phone calls, any of your conversation must be all about holiness. If you have other conversation apart from the word of holiness, you do yourself harm. All of you don’t understand why I uprooted Abraham from his family to a different land entirely. Any man who wants to please Me cannot live among his relatives because the demons of the family will not give you peace, especially a generation of idolatry.

If you come from such family, even though you live far away from them, the demons still have a certain measure of grip over your life. If you have children far away from your family root, you mustn’t introduce them to any member of your family. This is the only way your children will not share from the demons. Since they don’t know them, they can do nothing. This was why Abraham didn’t allow Isaac to visit his family home. All of you who want to serve Me in holiness must wash and rid yourself from every manner of evil, especially idolatry. If there is any trace of idolatry in you, no matter how much you serve Me, you’re going to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. If you like obey My Word and if you like disobey. I Am waiting for all of you.

My Emphasis

Almost every character in the Bible suffered because of the sins of their parents. The connection between parents and children is powerful. The Father did it for good, not for harm. This is why it’s very hard to wash the sin of parents away from their children until they grow up and are able to stand for themselves.

Jephthah lost his only child because of the sin of his parents. It is better for Satan not to see the trace in you, once he sees it, he’ll build his strategy of destruction on it. Solomon was the beloved of the Father. But the sin of his parents destroyed his glory big time. Though he became whom the Father wanted him to be, but he suffered because of his parents. The sin of his parents led him to committing evil in the sight of the Father by marrying many wives. This took his heart away from the Father and the Kingdom was divided because of him. There are many similar examples in the whole Bible.

The life of every creature is in the blood. Blood is what connects family together. Once that connection is there, only the blood of Jesus Christ can cut it off. Many people are suffering because of the atrocities of their parents. No matter where they live on this Earth, they can never have peace. Some people were declared dead, so that the family could forget about them. Once their family members forget about them, the demons as well will forget about them. And some went ahead and changed their name. Every trace of their ancestors in them were erased. If such people give their lives to Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, they will live in peace because every rope of evil that Satan could use to pull them back is cut off. But if they fail to live in holiness and they continue to live in sin, they’ll never have peace wherever they live on this Earth.

I was explaining all this to a lady sometimes ago. How many people are ready to pay such price? In a family where no one is married, everyone has children out of marriage, no one is in marriage. Until one of them is able to stand and cut off the rope, the chain will continue throughout their generation. Though she gave her life to Jesus Christ and confessed her sins, but she couldn’t maintain it because what’s chasing her are many and powerful. Any servant of God who’s not called to deal with such matter could lose his life. I know what they did to me. But Jehovah God is more powerful than every demon.

The Father works on principle and if you want to please Him and enter His rest, not only for the sake of Heaven, for you to also have peace on this Earth, you must be ready to abide in Him. If you fail to live the life of holiness, you’re only wasting your time because every time you commit is, Satan is using the same rope from your family to pull you back. You’ll only live a life of rise and fall. But those who love their God shall wash their robes and stay clear of all manner of iniquities. I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will cut off every rope that connects you with evil in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will plead for mercy every day because I was born in sin.
2) I will rid myself of every trace of idolatry and all manner of ancestral sin.
3) I will strive to live a holy life every day.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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