2nd November 2018

The Body Of Man

Word From The Father

The body of a man is very complex, and I know how I created and formed it. I know what I did and how I did it. Every organ in a man is like a world of its own. A world doesn’t exist by itself and for itself. It exists for a reason and for people to dwell in it. There are creatures living in each organ of a man’s body. All these creatures a there because of Me. They are Spirits, embedded into a man’s body. They are there to work together for common purpose. Each organ is an independent world on its own. However, something connects all the organs together. The living creatures living in the world of each organ communicate together and if you commit any sin that allows a strange body to enter their abode, they will fight against the such body. This will result into a physical illness or sickness. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great Revealer. If I don’t reveal, you will not know anything.

One is to study, another is to understand. No matter how much you study, if I don’t give you the heart to understand, you can never understand. The body of human being is more spiritual than physical. If you look at the entrance to the inner part of a woman, many worms stand as security guards to fight against every strange body that enters. These security guards are there to keep the womb safe from any intruder. And if a Spirit of holiness enters, they know. They have the knowledge of any strange body that may enter. They know that the body of a woman allows the seed of only one man to enter. If another man lays with her, it becomes an abomination to these creatures. Once the seed of another man enters, they become agitated and the time for war has come. If the strange body is more powerful than them, they will be overpowered. Many factors lead to barrenness in a woman and the doctors can never find out the cause. I Am the Almighty God and the Creator of every creature. I know what I created and how I formed them. A woman should be more careful than a man because their body is meant to carry and deliver lives.

Doctors don’t understand many things and they will never understand because it’s not for them to understand. The root of every incurable illness is in sexual immorality. All living creatures living in each organ know and understand their duties. If all of you doubt what I’m saying now, why can’t doctors find solution to an incurable sickness? They can never find solution to it because the spiritual is more powerful than the physical.

The heart and the brain play a vital role in human body. Both organs are very powerful, and they must always work together. Once there’s a disagreement between them, their carrier is in serious trouble. These creatures are there to give the carrier peace. But if you commit any sin and the connection between them is removed, it could lead to death, unconsciousness or long-term paralysis. If a man doesn’t commit sin, war cannot begin inside the body. If war begins inside the body, it’s like two elephants that engage in battle, the grass there will suffer the consequence. The carrier of the organs will bear the consequence because he was the one that invited the strange body to enter him in the first place.

There are many things I want to teach all of you. Many of you think you’re wise, but wisdom is completely far away from you. Every trumpet I blow is a trumpet of holiness. Many of you refuse to hearken to the distinctive voice that’s coming out of My trumpet. But until you listen and follow the distinctive voice that’s coming out of this trumpet, you’ll not know your right from your left. If you follow My voice, you’ll not agitate the creatures living in any of your organs and they’ll give you peace. The only way they’ll give you peace is for you to keep yourself pure and continually live a holy life.

My Emphasis

If a man spends all he has in acquiring knowledge, he’ll end up spending his time and resources in vain if his Creator is not with him. In the history of mankind, many books have been written, many research journals have been published, out of them all, there’s no book like the Word of the Father – the Bible. Even the Bible itself is a book of many stories, stories of how the Father dealt with His children. The Bible is huge and full of mysteries. If the Spirit of the Father doesn’t open the shell of each Word, it will be like every other word, dead without life and value.

The Father is a continuous Father, He never stops speaking as He’s been speaking. If He doesn’t speak, His children will not know which way to follow. He speaks, the children still go astray how much more if He doesn’t speak. That means Satan will take over everywhere. If a man lacks wisdom and knowledge, he lacks everything. But if he has both, even though he’s physically poor, he has everything because people will come far and near to acquire wisdom and knowledge from him.

Every organ in a man is connected to the spiritual realm. If a man has stomach upset, the living creatures in his stomach will question the particular one responsible for the stomach upset. He will end up telling them exactly what he’s done that warrant him to inflict such pain on him. Sometimes, if a man eats a particular food he shouldn’t have eaten, the living creatures in his stomach will kick against it because it’s an abomination to his body. Every food a man eats has two sides – physical and spiritual. The world of the stomach is very wide and complex. Because of this complexity, not everywhere in inner part of human body the doctors should touch, else, it could result into everlasting damage. It could even result into a deformity that will affect the person in his next life.

The other side of everything the Father created is not good. If you’re healthy, you don’t know there’s other side of good health. Until you experience it, you’ll not know such thing exists. Many of you are praying against your enemy, praying against witchcraft, but little do you know that you’re your own enemy. When the Bible says the enemy of a man is a member of his household, it goes beyond the physical. It’s deeper than that! Your enemy is living inside you. All good living creatures the Father created to live in human body has their other side. If you commit any sin that affects them, they’ll become your enemy. The worst thing that could happen to a man is for these living creatures to join forces together with the strange bodies to fight him. Appeasing them is not easy. This is why if you confess your sins and the strange spirits leave you, the living creatures in your organs can never leave because you will die. They are there to live with you and assist you in all your daily activities. If you commit any sin, even if you confess and pray to expel the strange spirits, you will still not enjoy absolute freedom and peace until you appease the Spirits, the living creatures in you.

Beloved, it is very important as children of the Father to hearken to the voice of the Father quickly because delay could lead to imminent damage. Some damages are easily repairable, but you will have to live with some forever. Therefore, I charge you this day to strive, fight, try all your best to live right according to the Word and Ordinance of the Father. This is the only way you can have absolute peace in your body. Not only this, this will also pave way for access to eternal glory. I pray for you this day that the grace of the Father and the Son will guide your footstep, so that you’ll not fall a victim of your own ignorance in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will appreciate the Father for everything He’s done for me.
2) I will guide my body against every stranger.
3) I will continue to live and strive for holiness at all cost, so that the good Spirits the Father created to live and assist me will give me peace.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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