2nd March 2018

Are My Hands Clean

Word From The Father

If a man has My fear, though in lack, he wouldn’t stretch forth his hands into another man’s property. Only if he has My fear. Many of you aren’t in lack, yet, you’re not contented with the little you have. You defraud each other. Children lie to parents because of their desire. Wife lie to her husband because of what she wants or vice versa. Even My servants are not exempt from this. I Am the Almighty God. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If you’re the owner of a company, you wouldn’t spend the money that come out of there anyhow because you knew how you suffered to build it. If you spend money anyhow, your company can crumble in a twinkling of an eye. If you see any of your employee carrying out any fraudulent activity, you wouldn’t take it lightly with him. Why? Because you know how you suffered to build your company. I Am the Owner of this Earth. I Am the Owner of every soul. Whatever you do that goes against My Law, you harm your soul.

Many of you are not truthful in your day to day dealings with each other. If you’re employed and your employer pays you £1000 every month, if you add just £1 to it unlawfully, in a fraudulent way, you’ve corrupted the £1000 you’re paid. If you see any item in your office and you’re in need of it, don’t take it. This is why you’re being paid. The owner of that company bought it for the use of his company alone. Many of you are guilty in this very area. I Am the Jehovah God. I see everything! Some of you would even take such item into My house. I Am not a dirty God. I Am a Holy God. If a wife digs her hand into her husband’s wallet to take out money without her husband’s approval, she commits sin. Whatever you do today is waiting for you tomorrow. In all your dealings with each other, let the garment of truth be on you all the time. I Am the Almighty God.

My Emphasis

Hand cannot take if the eye doesn’t see. The eye is full of greed and it’s the gateway to many sins. Many have defrauded another man’s company secretly and got away with it. Did they really get away with it? Not at all! Whatever a man does today is waiting for him tomorrow. If he doesn’t receive the reward in this life, he will receive it in the life beyond. Nothing goes for nothing. Every man’s action will be accountable for.

Many children are no more truthful to their parents because of their daily needs. Could parents give their children more than what they could afford? If children are not contented with what their parents could afford to give, what will they do tomorrow when they’re independent? The chain of greed and lie will continue! The children in the household of Christians are not exempt. They’re worse than the children in the world. If parents failed to teach their children the fear of the Father, how will their life and the society be tomorrow?

Husband and wife are not truthful to each other because of individual’s need. Yet, they’re two and they became one. Individual carries load of baggages around and only Heaven knows where we’re heading to. Being materialistic leads to greed. Whatever we have is not enough and we want more. We also pass on this chain of evil to our children and it continues even to another generation. I pray that God opens our eyes in time before the cloud of death envelopes us and catapults us to a life beyond. Remember, he who has a clean hand shall eat at the Lord’s table.

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for forgiveness.
2) I will ask Jesus Christ to cleanse and purify me with His precious blood.
3) I will wash my hands clean in every area and allow the Law of the Father to be written on the tablet of my heart.
4) I will desist from taking whatever doesn’t belong to me.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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