2nd June 2018

The Man On A Ladder

Word From The Father

A man saw a beautiful but rare fruit on a rugged tree. He desired to have it, but it’s beyond his reach. He desired to have it at all cost. He went and bought a ladder that could reach such height. He started climbing. As he was climbing, sometimes he would fall, but he never gave up. As he was climbing, the wind would blow severely, and he would slip, but he never gave up. Once he climbed twenty steps and he missed the next one because he wasn’t focus enough, and he slipped and found himself right on the ground. He dusted himself and started again. After he has spent much time and energy, he finally climbed to the top of that tree. As he stretched his hand to pluck the beautiful fruit, it was beyond his reach. He moved further and held to a branch until he finally plucked the fruit. He was very happy that he fulfilled his heart desire. He sat down on top of the tree and enjoyed his beautiful fruit. This is the race to Heaven. I Am the Almighty God. My way is the way of holiness. Those who want to walk with Me must be focus and ready to persevere and endure.

As a Christian, every life you live each day is like climbing on top of a ladder. Each step you take takes you closer to your destination. If you lose focus, you’ll slip and fall. Every time you commit sin, you’re falling down the ladder. As you cleanse yourself, you’ll continue climbing again. This is how you’ll continue until you climb the ladder to the top. When you get to the top, nothing can bring you down anymore.

Some people will not finish climbing until they die. Until you climb to the top, Heaven is far from your reach. The more holy you are, the easier the climbing will be for you. Though you’re climbing, it will be as if you’re just walking on a plain ground. Why? Because you’re holy. And for you not to slip, you’ll be focus. You will keep climbing because you know your entire life depends on it. You will not mind the wind that is blowing. You will not give in to any distraction at all because you don’t want to lose focus and fall.

If you’re focus, you’ll quickly climb to the top. Some are living on this Earth, though it’s not yet time for them to die, but they’re fully ready because they’ve climbed to the top. They are there, and they’re happy to be there. They ignore every wind that could blow them down. They mind their business. They’re very focus, and they’re just waiting until death will visit them. This is how I want all of you to live.

My Emphasis

Guide me O Lord through the ladder. The ladder that’ll prepare me and take me closer to You. The ladder of holiness is for every soul to climb. For a man to enter the rest of the Father, he must climb this ladder of holiness. I will not mind the wind that is blowing. I will not mind the distraction around me everywhere. I just want to climb and climb to the top. There I’ll wait until my Redeemer comes and to take me home.

As a child of God, as we live each day, we should grow in holiness. Unfortunately, many of us give in to the blowing wind. We give in easily to distractions that are around us. Sometimes it’s as if we should go back to where we’re coming from. Alas, far be it from us! Jesus said in the Book of Luke 9: 62 that, “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Oh, there’s distractions everywhere. If we’re not grounded in the Word of the Father, if the blood of Jesus doesn’t purify our hearts daily, we’ll fall away. Many Christians are completely off the ladder and they don’t know it. They think they’re still on the ladder while they’re far from the vicinity of the ladder. Satan has succeeded in bringing them down and made them wander around like vagabond.

Are you still on the ladder? How far have you climbed? Don’t come down. Keep climbing. Just think about the One who didn’t throw that cross away and flee for His life. Instead, He endured every pain and suffering. Don’t let the blowing wind bother you. Forget all the distractions around you. Climb and climb to the top quickly and wait for the Master.

My Task For Today

1) I will keep climbing, I will not get tired.
2) I will climb gently and carefully, so I won’t slip and fall.
3) I will hold tight to the ladder because I don’t want to fall.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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