2nd February 2018

The Key To Hellfire

Word From The Father

I created Hellfire long time ago. I didn’t create it for My children, but for My Angels who disobey Me. When I sent My Son Jesus to this Earth and I saw how He was treated, after He ascended back to Me, I opened Hellfire with anger and declared that whoever does not do the will of My Son would go there. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody can fault Me. I run My Kingdom as My heart desires.

Many of you claim you’re serving Me, yet, your works are nowhere near Heaven. While you’re on this Earth, your name is already in either Heaven or Hellfire, based on your work. I Am not a wicked Father and I have set the rules right from the beginning. I sent My Son to lay down the example for all of you to follow. Once you fail to follow the example of My Son, you’re going straight to Hellfire. If you’ve given your life to My Son, if you fail to do My will, Hellfire is your destination. Many of you claimed I Am not so wicked to send My children to Hellfire. The end will tell! I created it and also control it. As I like, so I run My Kingdom. None of you can dictate for Me what I should do. I own all of you.

Sin is the key to Hellfire! Whatever work you do on Earth, this will take you to your next destination. While you’re here on Earth, it’s your responsibility to amend your ways before it’s too late. Death gives no notice to anyone. I Am the Owner of the spirit of death. When it’s your time, he will come for you. Then you’ll face the judgement. No matter any sin you commit here on Earth, once the percentage of your holiness falls below seventy, your legs are shaking. If the percentage of your holiness is sixty, They may look into your case why the percentage of your sin is forty. In many cases like this, they end up in Hellfire. This is why you must put more effort to attain the pass mark. I did not send My Son and My Prophets for nothing. I Am not preaching for nothing. If you count My Word as nothing, you do yourself harm.

My Emphasis

Any man who has visited Hellfire before will behave completely like a fool after his return. It’s like someone who was once into witchcraft. If you have ever seen the other side of life, you will understand what I’m saying. A sinner will never go unpunished! Any sin you’ve committed, if you fail to face the torment here on Earth, you will end up facing the torment over there. Any man who willingly and wholeheartedly confesses his sin must be ready to face the music because the demons (the spirit of sin) will fight him.

For the Father to reject His own children, you must know how serious it is whenever we commit sin. This is why we must be ready to face the torment here, no matter how hard, so that we can enjoy in the end. The Word of the Father is final and will for no reason, or because of anyone change His Word. Satan doesn’t want anyone to believe that Hellfire exists. This is why he always torment anyone who has had the revelation about that place. As he doesn’t want anyone to believe that Heaven exists, so also, he doesn’t want anyone to believe that Hellfire exist. This is why Jesus Christ is working tirelessly every day to reveal to as many people as possible, so they could come back and narrate their ordeal. Unfortunately, those among us who have given their lives to Jesus, even servants of God always kick against their testimonies. Either you like it or not, believe in the existence of both. Jesus Christ, while He was here, preached about Heaven and Hellfire.

My Task For Today

1) I will examine my life and ways to know where I stand.
2) I will weigh and judge myself through the help of Holy Spirit to know where my work places me.
3) I will amend my ways immediately to suite the ways of the Father.
4) I will follow the example of my Saviour wholeheartedly because I know He cannot deceive me.
5) I will pray for the help of Holy Spirit because by my strength alone, I’ll fail.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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