2nd December 2018

Watch Your Ways

Word From The Father

If somebody offers you a particular food that you don’t eat, you will tell him thank you and go on your way. But instead of you to say thank you and walk away, though you don’t want to eat, but you take little from it and put it in your mouth. If they’re counting those who ate the food, won’t they count you among them? But you’ll say no, that you only tasted it, you didn’t eat. What difference does it make either you eat or taste? As long you put it into your mouth, you’re part of those who ate the food. What name will you call yourself then? I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. Nobody bypasses Me to do anything. My eyes move to and fro over the affairs of all My children.

When evil surrounded you, I found you out of My mercy, released My blessing upon you and shield you. Now you think you’ve arrived. Everything I asked you to do that you’re doing, so that you can enjoy your blessings, you now plan to abandon it and go back to your old ways. All those I shielded you from, you’re creating a column between Me and you, so they could enter and destroy your blessing. If they enter, they’re like termites and they will eat you until you’re finished.

Who knows the secret of evil? Who understand how evil works? Can you tame demons with your bare hands? You have no power to battle any evil spirit, and if I don’t support you, you’ll found yourself to blame. You’re nursing evil in your heart, nursing how to leave the cage I’ve put you. Can you stand when Satan strikes you? I Am the Almighty God and I cannot break My own Law. If you break through the fence, serpent will bite you. And if it bites you, you may never recover from it anymore.

This is the kind of life all of you are living everywhere. You will fast and pray, so I can open the door of blessing unto you. I revealed to you what you’re to do, so that whenever I release the blessing unto you, Satan will have no part in it. But what do you do? After I’ve settled you, after I’ve settled every enemy around you, you’ll go back and begin to do everything I asked you not to do. Can you live on this Earth on your own? If evil sweeps you away, you’ll face My judgement wherever you go because you’re a disobedient child.

All of you should be very careful the kind of life you live. One is to pray, another is for somebody to answer your prayers. If you fast and pray for hundred days, I will not answer your prayers. I will not answer your prayers because I work on principles. Will you dictate for Me? Will you tell Me what I created? You think you’re righteous. Are you righteous? You’re not righteous! I only cover you with My grace. And if you carry on in the path you’re treading, you know where you’ll find yourself.

My house is a place of joy and peace. My house is not a place of mourning, not a place of bitterness. All of you know your heart, you know who you are. You need nobody to tell you that your heart is evil. If you’re holy and you keep associating with evil people, your holiness is meaningless. If the fire of My wrath kindle upon the church, you’ll be swept away with the wicked. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father. Holiness is all I desire from all My children.

My Emphasis

The way of a man is righteous in his own eyes, but Jehovah God alone weighs and judges every motive and action of the heart. The Almighty Father gave up His own Son to buy you back. The best you can do for yourself is to do His will. If you claim you’re for Him and you’re still walking behind the fence, you’re treading on a dangerous ground.

When Nadab and Abihu, the first two sons of Aaron misjudged the Ordinance of the Father, they died in the presence of their father Aaron and he couldn’t speak a word. Nobody undermines the Word of the Father and go free, no matter who you are. Right from the beginning, holiness is the watchword of the Father. Every Word He speaks is all about holiness. And if you as Christians are treading on another path that differs from that of the Father, you’ll manage whatever you see.

Many Prophets in the time of old died a mysterious death because they thought they could do whatever they like. They died ignorantly because they undermined the power of demons. They didn’t know that being the servant of the Father, a lot of responsibility is upon your shoulder. Those among them who understood this lived and died in peace. Many Jews loved the Father, they obeyed Him throughout their lifetime. Despite everything that was happening in the land, they stood firm in the Law of the Father.

Today, Christians are treading on a dangerous ground everywhere. They dilute the Word of the Father and mix it with the word of this Earth. The Father is a loving and caring Father, yet, He’ll not tolerate any abomination. And if you know what it takes to serve Him, you’ll know where to place your feet. If you’re not careful and you tread the ground without care, you’ll sink when you least expected. But I pray for you that Holy Spirit will guide your steps, so that you’ll not misplace your feet and sink in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will ask the Father for mercy if I’ve gone against His Word.
2) I will guide my heart against every tactics of the enemy.
3) I will let the love of the Father consume my heart and flee from every carrier of evil.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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