2nd April 2018

Free At Last

Word From The Father

The slave and freeborn are both human beings. The circumstance of life only makes the difference. My breath keeps them both alive. Who is a slave? Who is a freeborn? A slave didn’t fall down from the sky; somebody gave birth to him. He may not have many people around him like the freeborn, yet, he’s human being. If the freeborn eats delicious meal and the slave eat bread and water, they will both sleep and wake up the next morning. I Am the Almighty God. No one is free except the one I grant freedom.

The whole world is full of trouble. Nowhere is save. No one is save. But those who put their trust in Me shall do more than exploit. They will sleep in peace even with their door wide open. Why? Because I Am the Great Watchman. If I keep a man save, he is truly save. No one will trouble him.

If you call yourself a freeborn and you don’t have My knowledge, you’re like a house without any door. Any stranger can enter inside and trouble you. You’re not secure at all. You may guide yourself with heavy security guards, you’re only deceiving yourself. You’re not save! When Peter the Apostle was imprisoned for preaching My Word, they guarded him with four by four soldiers. Did they really guard him? Didn’t he escape? He escaped, and the soldiers paid with their lives. I was the One who sent My Angel to set him free. When My Angel got there, why didn’t the soldiers trouble him? If I set a man free, who will imprison him? I Am the Great Deliverer. If you have My knowledge, I will be your Guard. I will keep you save and fight every battle for you.

There is no freedom on this Earth. The only place you have absolute freedom, absolute peace is My Kingdom. This Earth is open, open for every spirit to roam about. But those who lean on Me shall enjoy their freedom either here or there.

My Emphasis

Each day in this world is full of different package of trouble. We pray daily to the Father to keep us out of trouble. If you trouble no one, somebody will trouble you. But if we hold on to the truth, we shall be victorious at last.

Christ has bought us freedom with His precious blood, yet, we must tread carefully, so that we will not fall into temptation. But are we truly free? We can say we’re free when there is no one to trouble us. This is why we pray earnestly to the Father and His Son to keep us from evil.

The day is fast approaching, when we shall embark on a precious journey, the journey of no return. There we shall open our mouth wide and sing the song of victory.

Free at last, free at last
Jesus purchased eternal freedom for us
Now we’re free indeed,
Far from trouble and temptation of Earth
Glory, hallelujah to the Lamb of God.

But in the meantime, we’re to carry on putting our trust in Him until He calls His precious Spirit in us to His bosom.

My Task For Today

1) I will use the Father as my shelter because under His bosom alone I have freedom.
2) I will equip myself with prayers because this is the key that keeps life going.
3) I will put my trust and hope in the Father because I know that, what has a beginning also has an ending.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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