29th March 2018

Lives Changer

Word From The Father

I created My children and gave every one of them talents. Whatever you become in life, it’s what I keyed into your Spirit before you came. When you return back to Me, I will ask you a question: The talent I gave you, how many lives did it change? I Am the Almighty God. The whole Earth is Mine. I Am the Beginning, the Middle, and the Ending. I Am All-In-All.

If I send you to this Earth as a singer, you’ll be singing right from the day you were born until your body returns to the ground. I have given you the talent and I cannot take it away from you unless you’re dead because each talent is a Spirit and is embedded into My Spirit which I put in you. Every talent I gave is meant for good, not for evil. If you sing, you only sing with your mouth and people listen with their ears. Whatever talent I gave to you, Satan has his own way of manipulating it and turns it to evil because you’re flesh. This is why I want parents to teach their children My fear.

As a singer, you’re a messenger. When people listen to your music, their lives will be changed. But instead of your music to change lives, you become a destroyer because Satan has reprogrammed the course of your mission. Instead of your mission on Earth to change lives, your mission becomes destructive. There is a question My Judges will ask you the day you die. “What were you doing on Earth? You’ll answer, I was a singer. Your music, your song, how many lives did it change?” They will play the video of your life for you to see where you missed it. There your fate will be decided.

Many of My children run ahead of their destiny. Even in My church, they cannot wait for their time. The talent I gave them, they prefer to use it at the altar of demons because they’re looking for quick stardom. I Am the One that elevates. If I don’t elevate you, no one will. And if you’re impatient, you become a prey to the devil because that’s what he’s looking for. The talent I gave is not about fame or money, it’s about changing lives. If you fail to change lives, you’ll destroy lives. And if you destroy lives, you know the best name that fits you. To crown it all, you know where you’ll land after you die.

My Emphasis

The Earth today is full of different people and races, full of different families, yet, we’re all from the same source, Adam and Eve. The Almighty God tied us together as a bunch of broom. Whatever one does will either affect the rest positively or negatively. Everything starts from each family.

We live in a world where flesh has taken over every sector of life. We live in a world where evil supersedes good. We live in a world where life has become valueless. We live in a world where everyone is running a rat race. Fame, money, quick wealth has taken over the lives of many and life becomes valueless. Yet, the Almighty God still counts on the few who will hold on to His Word till the end.

Whatever talent you’re given, it’s for the building up of lives. Your talent is to encourage others, not to fall or destroy them. Your God’s given talent is to impact generations for good. It is a disaster for an Angel to come to this Earth in form of man and couldn’t return to where he came from. It’s a disaster! The Almighty God created the Earth in a way that entertainment should supersede every other area so that life itself will not be too boring. Unfortunately, somebody lurks in the corner using the weakness of man against him and everything becomes evil. But if you will sit back and think and realise that whatever seed you sow, you shall surely reap it either good or bad. If you fetch sweet water, you’ll drink and be satisfied, and if you fetch bitter water, you’ll also have a good fill of it. Choose today which one you want to be.

My Task For Today

1) I will hold on to the talent the Father has given me and use it wisely.
2) I reject to be known or labelled a destroyer.
3) I will run a good race, so I can end well.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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