29th June 2018

The Last Train

Word From The Father

If you want to go on an important journey, you’ll prepare very well for it. You’ll pack your luggage in time, so you won’t forget anything. You’ll make sure everything you need for the journey is complete. However, if you’re busy because of one thing or another, you’ll be late. And if you’re late, you’ll rush to pack your luggage before setting out. If you manage to pack everything you need, you’ll run quickly to catch the last train to your destination. I Am the Almighty God. Those who serve Me must serve Me with wisdom.

When every passenger was getting ready early, you occupied yourself with something else. When you knew the day was fast gone, you started running in haste to catch the last train. This is the life many of you are living. The time you should have known Me, even when those who loved your soul introduced My Son Jesus to you, you said no, you don’t need Jesus. When you later realised that the way you’re treading will land you in danger, your days are fast gone. I Am a Merciful Father. I hate the death of a sinner.

When I said I need at least seventy percent holiness before you can come to Heaven, how do you measure it? No matter how holy you are, you don’t know the percentage of your holiness until you get to Heaven. But the earlier you start the journey, the easier it will be for you. What you should have learnt early, some of you wasted a lot of time and are now learning it late.

The journey of holiness is a strong journey that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Many started it early and were tired before evening and they gave up. If you know how important it is to you, you’ll not look back at all. Because if you look back, you’ll lose a lot. But if you’re focus, you have nothing to lose. After all, you came with nothing, and where you’re going, you’ll also go with nothing. You have nothing to lose.

If you start early, you’ll learn so much before evening. The more you learn, the easier the rest of the journey will be for you because you’ll have enough time at your disposal. I, the Almighty Father Am never in a rush. I take My time very slowly. But if you’re late, you have a lot of catch-up to do.

My Emphasis

If you’re born into a family and were taught the way of the Father from childhood, you’ll avoid a lot of things in life. But if you’re born into a family that doesn’t have the knowledge of the Father, you’ll live your life according to the pattern of this world. Your life will be open to everything around you.

Many of us weren’t born into a family that had the knowledge of the Father. But the Father, out of His love, has predestined us to partake from His heavenly blessing. Therefore, He made a way of escape for our soul, so that we’ll not end up with the jackals.

No matter how late we come to the Father, He’ll not cast us away. He’ll make His mind known to us through His Word. But it now depends on us how quickly we can adjust to our new way of life. Walking with the Father needs a lot of perseverance and courage because the whole Earth will be against you. But this is the joy of the Father, for the whole world to be against you, so that you will have nothing or no one else to turn to except the Father alone.

Therefore beloved, we should be grateful for finding and knowing the truth in time before death envelopes us to the life beyond. We have big opportunity to learn at the Father’s feet what it takes to enter His rest. Some of us have enough time to learn while some of us have limited time because of age. The Father is never a partial Father, but a just Father. In a nutshell, we’ll definitely end up at the bosom of the Father in the end because we willingly give ourselves to Him. Glory Hallelujah!

My Task For Today

1) I will thank and appreciate the Father for the opportunity given to me to know Him through His Son Jesus Christ.
2) I will walk diligently with the Father, patiently, not in haste.
3) I will learn from my past and make sure I amend my ways, so that the rest of the journey can be peaceful.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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