29th July 2018

Blood For Blood

Word From The Father

The life, the soul of every creature is in the blood. Without blood, there is no life. Blood is life! If something is wrong with someone’s blood, automatically, his life is dwindling away gradually. If a man takes another man’s life, his blood will cry for revenge. If he’s not caught physically, the blood of his victim will always follow him. If he dies, the trouble continues upon his children. His children will continue to pay the price of their father’s sin. A committer of evil may not feel the impact because he’s still alive. Once he dies, his evil becomes spiritual. His children and their generation will live to face the consequence. I Am the Almighty God. I hate evil, I hate sin. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If a man accidentally killed another man, if the soul of that man cries to Me, I will look down how it happened and why it happened. I Am the Great Judge. I will look into what killed him. If an ant dies, he’ll cry to Me that “Father, they killed me, they killed me.” I will ask him what were you doing where they killed you? I created the day for My children to look for their food while you should have remained in the ground hidden until night when My children are sleeping. Then you can move out in search of your own food. Now that you’re dead, go back to where I brought you from. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a faithful Judge. If I could listen to the case of an ordinary ant, how much more My own children.

If a man willingly killed another man, he must pay the penalty with his own blood. If he failed to pay the penalty and he later dies, his children and generation will face the consequence forever. Any blood related offence, only blood can atone for blood. For a man who killed another man at will to remain alive, unless he gives his life to My Son, that’s when he can live. Despite that, unless his Spirit and soul die in My Son, he cannot enter My rest.

Anyone among you who come from such linage, look at your life and that of your siblings, you must see something similar among you. Nobody will be able to trace the root of your problems unless I reveal. Because your father or any member of your generation killed somebody, you’ll all live to pay for the blood of the generation of the one killed. Remember the one killed should have had children and grandchildren too. All of you will pay for their blood.

For you to live a good life, until all of you give your life to My Son, wash your hands clean from every sin and go to the family of the man that was killed if any of them is still alive and apologise on behalf of your father or your grandfather, that’s the only way. And for your children to live in peace, you must teach them how to run away from evil. Many of you who live outside your country don’t know why you’re facing some challenges. A little child would wake up in the morning and wouldn’t return home alive. Satan can take revenge of your sin anywhere, anyhow.

The conclusion of the matter is this, run away from evil and teach your children to run from evil as well. I Am the Almighty God. Right from the beginning, evil has been in existence. Those who commit sin shall die. Whatever a man sows he shall reap, not only him, his children and generation will enjoy it too.

My Emphasis

Many people are facing some challenges, but they don’t know the root of what they’re passing through. If a man committed sin, he ignorantly sold his children and their generation to evil. And for his generation to wash such evil away from their linage, they must turn to Jesus Christ. Every soul that walked the face of this Earth came from somewhere else. Once died, will return to wherever he came from. Because they were sent to this Earth for a purpose, once somebody cut short their lives, they’ll cry to the Father to avenge their blood.

The spirit of murder is very powerful. If you interview a veteran soldier who had been to war before and killed somebody, he’ll tell you what he’s passing through right there in his house. While he’s at home with his family, the spirit will be crying ‘kill, kill, kill’. He’ll tell himself, I am with my family, not in the war front. He doesn’t know that killing is a spirit. And some of them who cannot manage it will end up committing murder. This is why some of the soldiers who died during WWI and WW2 came back to become notorious criminals. Nobody can trace it! Some of them are in the prison right now, awaiting death. If a man is killed unlawfully, his blood will be avenged on his killer and his generation.

Blood goes for blood! Many of us, somebody in our linage has shed much blood. If we fail to give our lives to Jesus Christ, so He could appease the spirit of the dead, we’ll carry on paying the price. Some servants of the Father don’t understand why they’re facing some challenges in their lives and ministry. Any blood related crime goes a very long way. And if you fail to follow the heart of the Father, the rope of evil from your generation which the Father should have cut off, Satan will continually use it to drag you back because you fail to do the will of the Father. And if you’re tired, you’ll follow the way of the world, the way of evil, so you can excel in ministry. This is what many are passing through today.

Beloved, the Father has paid the highest price for us for giving us Jesus Christ. His blood alone can atone for all manner of evil that we and our generation might have committed. The first person in line to stand to eradicate such evil from his family must be ready to pay the price. He may live to suffer, but his children and generation will come to live in peace. If a man stands in gap for his children, it’s like someone who give up his own life for his children to live because the spiritual side of evil is more than how we look at it physically. But if he stands to pay the price, so that his children could come to live in peace, the Father will compensate him in the end. I pray this day that the blood of Jesus Christ will wash every trace of evil away from your life and linage in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will confess my sins and that of my generation and ask for mercy on their behalf.
2) I will plead the blood of Jesus Christ upon myself and my children.
3) I will walk in the fear and way of the Father and teach my children to do the same.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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