29th January 2018

Do Not Pray Amiss

Word From The Father

If I created you and didn’t give you the food to eat, that means I’m a wicked Father. Long before I created you, I prepared every food you would eat. I Am not a wicked Father. You are My children and it’s My responsibility to care for you. I Am proud of what I did because I did everything perfectly for your sake. Nobody can fault Me. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Planner.

Did you ask Me before I created you? If you didn’t ask Me before I created you and I created you out of My own will, why should you ask Me for the food you want to eat? Did you ask Me before you came to this Earth? I brought you to this Earth out of My own will. If I had prepared your food and everything you might need long before I created you, why are you crying for food? All of you are crying, weeping every day because of the food you want to eat. Father bless me, Father bless me; but I’m asking all of you the same question: What have you done to the blessing I gave you? It’s a question! Because somebody has taken it away from you! If you do My will, nobody can take your blessing away from you. If your house is flooded with water and you cry to Me, what do you want Me to do? What were you doing before your house is flooded with water? Even if I come, I will only help you to block the hole where the water gained access into your house. It’s your responsibility to clear the water, so you can have a place to lay your head. When I ask you to do My will, you refused, and somebody took your blessing away. Why are you crying to Me? That means you cannot live without Me. All of you should stop praying amiss because it’s too late for the mouth to open after the head is already off. Satan has no power over you if you don’t give him access. You give him access through your sin.

My Emphasis

Our Father is a Father who always thinks ahead for us. Long before we came here, He has already prepared everything ahead of us. We must understand that we have a common enemy who constantly set trap for us. If we fall into this trap, he takes our blessings away. If we obey the Father and remain in His territory, we’re untouchable.

The glory which the Father bestowed upon us entices Satan. He wants to destroy it at all cost. However, he cannot do anything if we don’t commit sin. Once we commit sin, we give him access automatically. He only works with sin. When he tempted Eve, if she had refused to listen to his advice, he wouldn’t have succeeded in destroying her and her generation. When he set his trap for Jesus, He didn’t fall into it. Instead, He defeated him. We can do the same thing. The Father has given us adequate resources, enormous knowledge of Satan is at our disposal. As we apply both the wisdom and knowledge we have, we’re a winner. If we’re able to do this, then our only sincere prayer would be, ‘Father, keep Me from all evil.’

My Task For Today

1) I will thank the Father for giving me life.
2) I will ask for mercy for praying amiss.
3) I will pray to the Father to help me recover all I’ve lost because of my sin.
4) I will pray daily that Jesus should keep me from all evil and temptation.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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