29th August 2018

Your Time Is Short

Word From The Father

Every minute you live each day will be subtracted from the years you’ll live. From a minute it’ll become an hour, and from an hour to a day. Each day you live and how you live it matters a lot. How many days do you have in a year? Can you add to it? You cannot add to it. I know the very minute each one of you entered your mother’s womb. From the moment you left your abode, whichever planet you came from, the time of your departure is ticking. If I determine how many years you’ll live, nothing can extend it except I keep you longer for a different reason best known to Me. In most cases, it can only be cut short. Why? Because of your sin. I Am the Almighty God. The time of every man is in My hands and it’s very short.

Yes, you may have everything a man needs right from the very day you came into this Earth, yet, your time is short, in fact, very short. You can live and acquire how much you want, yet, your time is very short. Each life of sin you live each day cut short the days you’re supposed to live on this Earth. Many of you think you’re clever. Does anything have a beginning without an ending? If all of you remember your end every day, you’ll know how to channel your feet. Yet, your end goes with you wherever you go every day.

The days I allowed My children to live almost a thousand years on Earth is passed. None of you will live two hundred years any more. Only by My special grace you can live hundred and fifty. And for you to live a hundred and fifty, that means I have a special assignment to fulfil through you. And if I keep you for so long, those around you will know you’re not ordinary person. At that age, you’re more or less a living Spirit because your flesh might have died. Your sight and hearing will be very sharp because the spirit of sin in you is very minimal.

I Am He who formed man from the dust of the ground. I Am He who created light and darkness and set boundary for each one of them that thus far you should go. Out of nothing I formed everything. I Am the origin of the universe. I formed and created Myself and no one knows My origin. Yet, everything, both visible and invisible originated from Me. Everything will end in Me. I Am He who formed the Nebula, the womb where stars are born. I formed it exactly like a woman’s womb. I Am He who created the Galaxy like a thick and shell-like cloud, the dwelling place of the stars, planets, and moons. Who knows the dwelling place of light? Who knows the origin of darkness? Am I not the one who formed the Planet-Earth where all of you live? Did you come with anything when you were born? I buried everything in the ground. You can acquire everything today, yet, none of them will go with you to your next destination. Everything I buried in the ground became possessions for all of you. When you were coming, you passed through a woman’s womb. Will you pass through the same route when you’ll depart? You cannot. You’ll go to the ground where your ancestors came from. But My Spirit, which is My life in you will return back to Me.

If you think you’re clever, I Am cleverer than all of you. You can undermine My authority for your own shame and disgrace. You only cut short your life if you go against My will. All of you call yourselves Christians, but your daily life doesn’t prove you’re Christians. I own your heart and I know what’s there. I desire only truth, not deceit. The heart of many of you is full of deceit. Truth cannot be found there. With all this, all of you should judge yourselves and know where you’re going whenever you die.

My Emphasis

The oldest man on Earth was Methuselah who lived almost a thousand years. Those who lived before the flood lived almost a thousand years. This is a pure prove that the sins of pre-flood generation were thousand times better than this present generation. Yet, the Father wiped them off. Why does He keep us alive then? Because of only One Person, Jesus Christ.

The original plan of the Father for this Earth was for His children to come down and live here for a while (about a thousand years) and return back to Heaven. Afterwards, they’ll come back to live on Earth again and back to Heaven. Just going around the circle. Those who live in Heaven could descend to Earth and visit those on Earth and ascend back to Heaven again. This was His original plan. But because of sin, everything was destroyed. Even now, the Father is afraid to send down children from Heaven to this Earth because they could hang here because of sin. Every child born every day is coming from the Dark-Planet.

The time of man is very short indeed! A man will wake up on Monday morning and go to work. Before he could realise it, it’s already half of the week. And before he looks, it’s weekend. At a twinkling of an eye, it’s Monday again. His life begins in another circle. A thousand years is like a day for the Father. The years of every man on Earth goes away in a twinkling of an eye.

An evil man forgot the day of death because Satan closed his heart to do evil. After he might have lived three-quarter of his life, great regret will kick in. He will begin to remember everything he’s done. This is why the end of an evil man is always miserable. A man can work all his life and acquire whatever he wants to acquire, but when his departure is near, he’ll ask himself one question as King Solomon did. Then he’ll realise he’s gathered together vanity upon vanity.

A wise man rejoices in the help he could render for others because he sees himself as one who’s fortunate and blessed by the Almighty. He knows his end is fast approaching and he spends his time caring for others, so he could have a resting place for himself. Where are the wisemen of this age? No one! All have forsaken the path of wisdom and pursue vanity. They sow the seed of vanity and reap the fruit of sorrow. This is the reward of those who forsake their God.

As for you my beloved, rejoice and embrace the wisdom you’ve received with all your heart. Remember that your end approaches faster than you can imagine. If you live and do the will of the Father wholeheartedly, when your end comes, you’ll sleep the sleep of peace. I pray that Jehovah God lead and guide your path and lead you to a greater end in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will rejoice and appreciate the Father for each day I live.
2) I will remain focus because I know that my end goes with me wherever I go.
3) I will not allow the life I live today to destroy my tomorrow.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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