29th April 2018

Spiritual Bodyguard

Word From The Father

A man who is very popular doesn’t work alone because of his safety. If you see him, you must see one or more bodyguard to guard him against any intruder. As it is in the physical, so it is also in the spiritual. The spiritual ones are very powerful and the kind of life you live in the physical will determine which kind of spiritual bodyguard will guard you wherever you go. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am.

No one knows more than His Creator or else he wants to destroy himself. I created everything spiritually and called it to appear physically. As human being, either you like it or not, you must have spiritual bodyguards. If you’re for Me and My Son, We will guide, guard, and protect you. In fact, no harm will befall you because you recognise Us, because you do Our will. If you don’t do Our will, the other ones will guide, guard, and protect you, so that you cannot cross over to Our side because they know if you cross over to Our side, you’ll go to Heaven.

Everyone is protecting his own! As We’re fighting for Our interest, so also the other ones are fighting for their own interest. If I open your eyes, you’ll see those who call themselves leaders, celebrities, even many of My servants, the kind of demons that guard them wherever they go. They are giants, and they fight for them spiritually. They don’t allow any harm to befall them, but they will also be their prey by the end of the day because demons don’t do anything good. They can only be your friend for a while, when they’re hungry, they suck your blood. They will not only suck your blood, they’ll suck the blood of everyone around you.

Every Word I speak is spiritual and the life of every man on this Earth depends on it. My Word is about holiness and holiness is against sin. I have no hand in wickedness and evil. Whatever you choose, you and your generation will enjoy it. If you choose to follow Me, if you choose to recognise Me as your Father, I will never cast you away. I will always care for you and provide all your needs both physically and spiritually. I will not let you slip away from My hands because I love you. However, if you say your Father is not your Father and you deny Me, I will be looking at you. I know that no matter how much you run away from Me, you’re still coming back because you’ll die. That is when I too will deny you.

How many of you understand the things of the Spirit? This is what guide each and every one of you. As you’re living physically, you’re also living spiritually. Whenever you’re sleeping, your Spirit begins his own journey. That is how I created it. All of you should wash your hands clean! Remove your hands from all manner of filthiness, so that I can protect and fight for you.

My Emphasis

No man woke up in the morning and said I’m going to the Earth to live. We all found ourselves here at the command of the Father. We cannot choose who would be our parents, but we can choose how we live our lives, so that we can return to wherever we came from. The Earth is spiritual, more spiritual than what a canal mind can understand. The only better life we can live is the life in Jesus Christ our Saviour. Hallelujah!

The secret things belong to the Father and He reveals to any man He chooses as one add a tea spoon of sugar into a cup of tea. That one tea spoon changes the taste of the tea completely. So is the Word of the Father. Until we understand spiritual things, we’ll be tossed to and fro by the enemies.

In the Book of II Kings 6:8-19, the King of Aram sent armies to capture Prophet Elisha, the man of God wasn’t moved because he knew Whom he was working for. His servant was worried, but the man of God gave him assurance of their safety. When he still didn’t believe because he was blind spiritually, the man of God prayed, and his eyes were opened, and he saw spiritual armies that surrounded them. This is who we are, those who surrender their Spirit and soul for the Master. We have nothing to fear. Likewise, those who gave themselves to our adversaries shall become their prey for no free gift comes from Satan.

My Task For Today

1) I will solely give myself to the Father.
2) I will not let the trouble of this world toss me to and fro.
3) I will stand firm because I know those who’re with me are more than my adversaries.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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