28th October 2018

Evil Money

Word From The Father

There was a young and single Christian woman who had no work. She had a house of her own and a car to herself. She also had a maid. Whenever she went to the church, she would give tangible offering. She was helpful to those in need. Other young women in the church wanted to be like her because they saw she was successful. Nobody bothered to find out the source of her money, not even her pastor. She was a woman everyone loved to emulate. However, her life ended in tragedy. I Am the Almighty God. My eyes move to and fro over the affairs of all My children. Man may cajole you, but no one can cajole Me because I Am Omnipresent God.

You’re neither married nor have a job, but you’re spending money. Which kind of work are you doing? The house you live and the car you own, who bought them for you? You’re sleeping with a man, yet, you’re not married. What kind of money do you think you’re spending? Evil money. Every time a man lay with you unlawfully, a virtue leaves you immediately. I that formed your body and seal it with blood, Am I foolish? Every unlawful sexual intercourse you have is an abomination to your body. If the cup of your sin is full up, the demons in you will knock you down.

You’re a manager of a company. You're not the owner. Whatever you want is not far from your reach. Yet, you’re not the owner. Those who employed you trusted you so much. They entrusted everything into your hands. This is why they asked you to oversee their company or manage a team. Because you believe you could do whatever you like as you have all the resources at your disposal, you even put the budget of your household on the company. But you’re a Christian! Every single money you spend outside your salary becomes an evil money and you must surely pay for it.

Who is a greedy man? Is it not you? Because you have eyes for big things, you can even kill to have your way. Yet, you’re a leader in the church. Yes, you will have the money. Yes, you will build houses. Yes, you will buy chain of cars. But you’ve forgotten that as you’re eating your delicious meal, you’ll also excrete part of it away from your body. By the time you’re paying for the consequence of your evil, you might have forgotten. But your foolishness will rob your generation of their blessing.

Blood for blood and life for life. Any blood you shed, any life you destroy because of your greed, you will pay for it bitterly. This is why evil never departs from some family. I Am the Almighty God and I hate evil. The soul that commit sin shall be punished. All of you that cover yourself with evil hands and continually mention My name and the name of My Son will have yourself to blame. If you like you should sow your estate as an offering, that doesn’t stop you from going to Hellfire.

Many of you are there in My house and you know yourself. Do you know your name? Glory destroyers! Through your hands, Satan is destroying the glory of My children because you’ve made covenant with the spirit of the sea. I know and see everything. You know how to hide yourself because you think you’re clever. As you are, so are all your children. You’re lamenting on your bed every night because you have no peace. How can you have peace? Am I the one that put you into such mess? You're the one because of what you love. I gave you a second chance through My Son, but you love the things of this Earth more than Me. You love darkness more than light. Yes, you can sing because that’s what I created you to do. You can even preach and prophesy on the pulpit. However, your reward is in My hand and I will pay all of you at the right time.

My Emphasis

Satan has hijacked the blessing of many families because of the sin of their generation. If he freezes your blessing and you cannot make ends meet, you’ll definitely look for an alternative. This has led many into seeking for solution on the altar of Satan. But many of this people are in the church and they shut up their mouth, hoping Jesus will forgive them and accept them on the last day just like that.

Satan knows the heart of individual and what individual loves and lack. He knows how to connect somebody to evil. Before he carries out an assignment, he knows where it will end. And many Christians are being caught up in his deceit daily. Whenever a servant of God preaches a true message of Heaven, such people will pick an offence and leave the church because darkness is the enemy of light and their heart is dark.

Whenever somebody deep his hand into evil, it will affect so many people. For example, a daughter of a pastor who’s a virgin could wake up one day and make up her mind that she needs a boyfriend. This isn’t ordinary. If there’s nobody around her who could discern it before she makes such decision, she’ll end up destroying her glory. This happened because a member of the church gave her father evil money and the demons attached to the money took revenge on his daughter. Unless the Father reveals, a lot of things will remain dark forever. The owner of such money will not know that through the money he gave to the pastor, Satan could destroy the glory of a young virgin.

Every Law and Ordinance of the Father carries weight and if Christians aren’t careful the way they’re treading, impending calamity and disaster will never seize in the church. Some will not even yield to the warning of the Father before embarking on a dangerous mission. To them, God doesn’t answer prayers quickly enough, therefore, they prefer to seek for another alternative. And in the process of seeking for another alternative, Satan hijack their soul and they cannot come out of his cage. Many people are in the church and they know how far they’ve gone in their heart. They’re serving the Father shallowly and they lack the true Spirit of holiness.

It is better not to eat at all than to eat the bread you’ll vomit by the end of the day. You alone will not face the consequence but will affect your children and their generation as well. Many spirits will run away from you if you confess and pray fervently. But many of them will never leave no matter how righteous you later become because of the kind of power they possess. But there’s a way the Father can render them dormant and you’ll live with them for the rest of your life. And if you mistakenly misplace your feet again, they’ll overpower you and you cannot come out of it until you die. This is why it’s better not to eat at all than to eat and vomit it in the end.

Beloved, the blessing of Jehovah God doesn’t add sorrow. You will enjoy it and enjoy it until the end. But if you allow impatient to lead you out of the path of righteousness, you will not finish paying for the consequence in your life time. But I pray for you this day that Jehovah God will hold your heart in His hands and will never allow you to seek help on the altar of Satan no matter what you may pass through in Jesus name. Amen!

My Task For Today

1) I will sit back and think about all the roads I’ve passed through.
2) I will not allow the worries of this Earth to push me away from the path I’m treading, the path of holiness.
3) I will tread gently and carefully, so I will not misplace my feet.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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