28th May 2018

Marriage Is Life

Word From The Father

When I created the Earth, My purpose for it was for My children to live here for a while and return back to Me. When I wanted to create Adam, I had a different motive, a different plan for My children. Because of the way I formed the previous races before Adam, this time around, I wanted them to live with enormous wisdom and knowledge. Everything worked well, and I was happy. I Am the Almighty God. Every work I did is good.

If you look at your body, I created everything in pairs. I, Myself, your Father that started everything, Am just like you. The fact that I don’t speak about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. My way is the way of holiness and everything I created was created in holiness. Adam My son was a holy man, likewise Eve that I gave to him. But somebody used what he knew against them and their generation.

There are many things all of you don’t understand in marriage. Though all of you are human beings, but I created you in different categories. Not all of you are compatible with each other. As a single man or woman, many areas of your life will not be activated until you’re married. Satan knew it, and therefore, he goes around showing all of you the way of destruction. Instead of you to be married so that every area of your life could be activated peacefully, he’s opening your eyes for you to eat your food uncooked. This was exactly what he did to Adam and Eve in the Garden.

If you marry the right person who is compatible with you, you’ll enjoy life to the fullness. But if you choose it wrong, your life will automatically crumble before your eyes. My heart aches with what I see around the Earth. Even in My church, the situation of everything is worse. They don’t know their right from their wrong. Everybody is serving Me in sin. Yet, they don’t even feel it!

If the foundation of your marriage is built on Me, the Rock, then glorious children will come out of you. That is My joy! That is My gain! But many of you are into wrong, fake, ungodly, evil marriage. This is why your life is shattered and broken. How many will I repair? How many will I amend? All of you have the heart of your father the devil. A heart of evil and disobedience. Many of you, after you’ve eaten up your cake, you’re looking for it where you once kept it. If I gather one-thousand Christian marriages together, only few is as I want it to be.

Many of you, the kind of marriage you’re into has taken Heaven away from you the moment you entered. Some of you rise and fall everyday because of the marriage you put yourself. I Am the Almighty God. I cannot join evil with righteousness. If you choose your own way, you’ll manage whatever you see. No matter how crumble your life may be right now, go back to My Word and look unto My Son. This is the only way you can have another chance.

My Emphasis

‘They were two, and they became one’ said the Master and Saviour. The Word of God is wholly final. Many of the patriarchs made mistake in their marriages because they undermined the power of evil. Evil was there right from the beginning.

The life and favour of God is far from many marriages simply because of the path individual has chosen to tread. If the foundation of a home is outside the Father, every seed that comes out of such home becomes of the devil. God in His infinite glory will not overlook His own Word but will uphold it with every power He has.

A godly man and godly woman will produce godly children. This is the kind of Earth the Father is looking for. Satan knows all this! He doesn’t like what is good. His original plan is to destroy the plan of God for His children. This is why he always wage war against marriages. Unfortunately, children of God are so insensitive to it. If God is God, His will on Earth shall surely be done.

And you, a child of the Covenant, is your marriage built upon the Rock who is Jesus Christ? Are you enjoying your marriage or enduring it? Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of light, in whom there is no trace of darkness. If you’re not enjoying your marriage, automatically the impact of it on your life is enormous. You must surely know that something is wrong somewhere. You must go back to Calvary and surrender all to the Master where He shed His precious blood for you. Then shall your life and marriage be blossomed like a lily in the valley and the glory of the Righteous One shall shine upon you all the days of your life.

My Task For Today

1) I will examine myself and my marriage if everything is how the Father planned it.
2) I will retrace my step back to Calvary where my Saviour bled and died for me.
3) I will carefully study the Word of the Father and apply it to every area of my life.

May the Lord give you the grace to walk with Him in Jesus name.

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